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February 9, 2003

acid house

Filed under: unlisted — suzanne henderson @ 11:37 pm

Went to 2600 to watch a movie with [Sara|Sara Sathya] and [Dale|dale Ghent]. Saw [The Acid House], somewhat similar to [Trainspotting] but different in it’s own odd way. Enjoyed a bottle of wine that some kind soul brought for the housewarming, I’m starting to like wine (hopefully I haven’t said that twice in one day on my page). [Someone|Rob Banz] wasn’t up for coming out, wanted to stay home alone and do chores. Not sure to be glad that there are people that dedicated to self-made schedules or if I should worry that my friends don’t do crazier stuff to keep their life interesting. But, I guess it is nice to just do nothing and be around no one, but it’s been a while since I’ve had that and not sure I would like it either. Grabbed some grub after the movie at [Charles Village Pub] and am way too stuffed, still full of wine, and thinking that I should either go to sleep or seduce rob a little (hmm, what a difficult choice, hehehehe). I love my life.