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August 23, 2003

one more on a cheery note

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Okay, sleep has done wonders. I’m much happier and relaxed and calm this morning. Finishing up my laundry now and running over everything in my mind to be sure I have everything. Will prolly run over to target for my annual buying of socks and panties, but I don’t think they are open just yet.

I’m gonna miss Alex and Rob. Alex I’ve barely seen all summer. She’s had a great time and I wasn’t part of any of it. Thats kinda a bummer, but it’s good that she has had fun. Also gonna miss my honey; I was so cranky last night that I didn’t take advantage of all the cuddlins he was giving out. Maybe I’ll go wake him up i na little while for another chance.

Okay, so time to stop playing around on the computer and serious think about this tiny little trip I’m taking. :)

August 22, 2003

last post

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before I leave. was all excited to go, but now, I’m cranky. this week has sucked in so many ways. i am totally hyped about burning man, but I’ve exhausted myself geting to that point. In fact, I’m going to bed now, if I have nothing to wear to burning man, I don’t care, I just can’t deal with this sourass attitude I have right now and maybe sleep will help. if not, maybe I’ll sleep through burning man and won’t even care.

heh, and i kept my daugther home tonight even though my mom really wanted to see her to, and she just ran off to ask our [roomate|kathleen ellis] to read her a bedtime story. sigh. yeah, oh well i guess I am cranky.

cheer. alex came back to have me read her a story. that was nice, still going to bed anyways though. sigh, hope tomorrow improves.

August 21, 2003

mental toast

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trying to not sound too run down on my site right now, but it’s hard cause I keep posting at night when I’ve lost all steam and am just too tired to stop typing and go to bed. One more day of work and then I get a break, wow, I have to do this every year I think, cause I feel that if I were staying at work next week, it would be the same as this one.

Went to breakfast with my mom this morning. SHe was over because we had planned to drop off the car, but since i couldn’t call and tell her the shop was full, we just stared at each other with morning expressions. Of course, bythe time she arrived I had alreayd been up for 2 hours and was busy taking care of some house stuffs. Headed out to work, decided breakfast sounded better, and off to [Double T]. Food was okay, not amazing. Convinced myself to go into work late, come home and do stuff, but by the time I walked out the door of the diner, I had resigned to just going to work and only being a little later than usual.

I’ve been getting up an hour earlier every night. I’m not really going to bed any sooner, just waking up earlier. And looks like tommorrow is about time for a 5am rise. Oh joy, wonder if I can do it. But it sure would do me some good. I hoep the plane to Reno is comfy, cause I’m gonna need to crash at some point.

Hope this doesn’t fry me on playa, running like mad before I get there. Was taking [lithium|lithium carbonate] at the begining of the week to help me stay focused and to avoid any major upsets. But, thats not even helping anymore. Don’t know what I’m feeling. Think it is just plain old ordinary [stress].

Oy, I’m gonna crash now in bed, my sweeties come home tonight. I feel guilty that I don’t have the energy to stay up for them. Hope to see them some tomorrow.

August 20, 2003

wednesday adventures

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So, I woke up early,, went to work before 9, left before 9 to head to the MVA. Got there (after getting foolishly lost, it was really sad how lost and turned around i got), got my number, tried to wwait as patiently as possible, and after an hour gave up and went to work to avoid getting fired.

Got to work, did a quick bank round up, rushed out the door to the MVA again in hopes of getting there before my number would be called (there was a good chance that this could acualy happen). I get there 3 numbers past mine, damn. And get another numberr wich is more than doubled the number I had. Oh well, so much for a good try.

It is almost impossible for me to be away from work right now. I’m seriously drowning, and I will now not be allowd to complain about what I thought was busy before. This is busy, this is more than busy, this is impending doom sits on my head and I have to keep my open and watch it. Add to that, I leave for burning man soon, whee! Life is full.

I’m keeping up okay though, talking to myself right now more than anything, and should get off this computer at relax more. Trying to watch [City of Lost Children] but it is so strange.

no spell checking either, to heck with it all.

August 18, 2003

home alone

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Alex and Rob are off at the beach; the left Saturday morning. At first I was excited about the time alone, but now that I’ve sat in the empty house a little and slept in the middle of the bed, I’m looking forward to them getting home.

Today starts a long long work week. So much stuff to finish up for the conference, hoping I can keep focused enough to get it done. Since most my stuff is already being shipped to [playa|burning man], that shouldn’t be a problem.

[Jewel] is playing at the [9:30 Club] in DC tonight. I’d really like to go, but don’t have teh energy. If I had heard about it a little sooner, I could have planned better. Looks like tonights plans include helping my mom sort through some stuff at her shed and a spagetti dinner. Tuesday is the NASA project thing with [Sara|Sara Sathya]. Wednesday [ego Likeness] is playa at [Ottobar]. Thursday I work late for a training. Friday I get to see Rob and Alex. Saturday we fly out to Reno. Lots to do.

Better get dressed and get this day started.

August 15, 2003

happy birthday rob banz!

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we celebrated rob’s birthday at [Ding How] and toasted the absent birthday boy. I love that place, 4 people got plenty full for only $24, awesome.

going to a baseball game tonight, igh. I’m trying to be exicted about going, but I’m still hot from driving to lunch. Maybe it’ll cool off a little. It should be fun to hang out wit rob’s family though. I like em and so does alex.

tomorrow alex leave for the beach with rob. a week of complete freedom and too busy to enjoy it. oh well. my mom and I will prolly hang out a lot since she flies away to Oklahoma on the 26th to never be seen again, well that ain’t true, but thats how it feels to me.

I’m sad to be losing my mom. We drive each other nuts lots of the time, but it is nice to have her around. We’ve definatly gotten closer this last year or so. And now she is going far away.

My hammock, shelter, and one large crate is on it’s way to [Burning Man]. Dropped it off at Lizards RV last night and will see in a week or so. Oh, the trip is so close and so far away too. And without rob and alex around to distract me, it’s going to feel years away.

August 14, 2003

fire spinning goodness

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Last night’s spin jam was very cool. I skipped out on packing for [my trip|burning man] so that I could be social. Plus, it wouldn’t have been very nice to organize a party and then not even show up to it.

Got some shopping done with my mom today. It was yucky hot out and I don’t feel well. Gonna see if a nap helps some and then it’s back to packing and organizing.

Life is pulling me in a thousand directions lately and it’s certainly taking it’s toll. With the conference coming up, alex being back home, burning man packing, school starting soon, my mom moving away, and day to day stuff, I’m a little frazzled. But, I’m still handling it okay, but can’t wait for a few of these things to just dissapear.

August 11, 2003

enhanced movie watching

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I’m starting a list of the best movie introduction scenes to watch:

[Super Troopers] - intro was the funniest thing I’d seen in ages. Whole move is great.
[Magnolia] - this requires strong enhancement, now pay attention
[Austin Powers Goldmember] - plain entertaining, don’t bother watching the rest of the movie though

August 10, 2003

a day for building

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hot, sweaty, humid is the day’s theme. I retried the [pvc hammock stand] and it worked beautifuly, almost. The almost part is due to the fact that the ground is too soft and the rebar would pull out of the ground. I was thinking of making little guy wires for my guy wires, that would be cute.

But, overall it worked and it’s going to [Burning Man].

Also put up my shade structure that I took to [PDF|Playa del Fuego] and it will go nicely around the hammock. Looking like it’ll be a cool little place for one once I get it all set up on playa. Instead of tinkering with it more, I’ve packed it up so I can see how much space it is going to take up.


August 9, 2003

a beautiful mother-daughter moment

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So, my mom is bored and about to be moving away. She comes over to hang out and I’ve got very little of interest to offer her. Finally, desperate to get out, I suggest a trip to the fabric store. We are not even halfway down Wentworth Road when I’ve switched it to [Home Depot]. I had hammock structure in mind: [Tensegrity Shade Structure].

I had priced out most everything I needed, except rope. The rope needs put it a little beyond my budget. So, time to brainstorm. My mother and I went back and forth with dozens of ideas, pulling out parts and supplies here and there, pricing new ideas, and all sorts of wonderful thoughtful goodness.

Then the golden moment happened. My mom touched back on my idea to build a [pvc hammock stand] (which was the idea that got me looking at the tensegrity structure). So we head over to the pvc isle, talking up how this is gonna work, and it happens. She starts looking at the poles and poles of PVC and is listening to how I tell her everything can made with PVC. “Oh, I’m starting to see” she says as the light of PVC-greatness turns on in her eyes.

We gathered up 3 poles of the 2 inch pvc and some rope and headed home. We set it all up and it almost worked… I think tomorrow, another good try, without bugs attacking us, will get it up and usable.

home but not sleeping.

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I took my contacts out and suddenly feel like I could stay up for several more hours. But, I should sleep. Just got home from visiting [Dave|Dave Diller] in [College Park|College Park, MD]. I read that [Rob|Rob Carlson] had [fun|August 8, 2003] this evening, and was perhaps mistaken by my plans: “Too bad Suz isn’t around, but I know she’s busy getting important stuff taken care of.” Well just kinda, visiting with friends is important to me, but I doubt thats what he was thinking. There was a chance that Dave and I would replace a belt on my car, but a Friday evening afterwork is not the time to undertake such projects. Saturday or Sunday afternoons are much more suitable. Plus, it was a pretty small chance to begin with; plus, our original plans to meet for beer didn’t actually happen either.

So, no I didn’t do anything productive with my car, but I did have a wonderfully relaxing evening. Of course, driving home after said evening kinda counters some of that, but it’s still good. And now, off to dream a little dream or two. I’m betting theres a cute little honey in bed for me to cuddle up with, who could ask for anything more? Have I mentioned recently how much I love [my boyfriend|rob carlson]? Well, I sure do, lots and lots and lots and lots….

August 8, 2003

happy friday

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whee! i’m happy. like really happy. like on to of the world with stilts on happy. cool.

So, [sara|sara sathya] and a couple others asked me what I thought of the book. Umm, it didn’t really give me anything new to think about in regards to sex and such. Guess it did give me the little “I’m not the only one” feeling, but I wasn’t feeling very alone to begin with. So, I think it’s an okay book with some useful pieces of information, would be nice to see more people who don’t agree with that kind of lifestyle reading it, instead of so many who do reading it and just nodding their heads the whole way through. Oh, but one thing I was kinda dissapointed by was the fact that it seemed to realyl gloss over the whole thing and didn’t really put in that it takes a lot of work (for some people). Heh, if I didn’t know better, I’d think “Oh, it’s that easy? Sure, where can I start?” But, I know thats not how it works for everyone.

Umm, yeah I guess that is all there is to say about that.

August 7, 2003

to home I go

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okay, I’m almost done at work now. Sigh. Long day, long week, long month. But I’m starting to get the hang of it all.

Oh, and finished reading [The Ethical Slut] already.

almost friday

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Went to some brewery place last night with Rob. There was this thing about Dean for president going on. Not so sure that I want him to be president. But, not so sure I’ll ever want anyone that is running to be president.

Car stuff is basically figured out, much to my unhappiness, but at least it’ll be dealt with. Sigh, responsibilty doesn’t suit me sometimes.

Currently Reading: [The Ethical Slut]

August 4, 2003

crappity crap

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So, I’ve been very happy lately, all cheery about being able to get my car about taken care of, then today comes. Been putting up with Geico’s annoying-ass attitudes and constant inconsistency of inofrmation. Went to call them for the third time today to say that I could get my tag and drivers licences changed wihtin 48-hours (the first lady I talked to told me 15 days, the second told me 48-hours) and to go ahead and pay. Then she tells me a quote lower than the first one I got, that made me happy. Then a few minutes later the quote has gone up over a hundered dollars a month. She argued it was due to the accident I had, now, thats why I told them about all of that was so I could get a real quote. So, now insurance is beyond me and today it is raining, so I might not even be able to have my car inspected today (which I dropped off this morning and Kathleen was nice enough to give me a lift so I could leave it with them all day).

Threw a fit this morning, calming down over it now. I’ll do what I can to solve it, and see where I can go from there. And now, back to the drowning sounds from work. blah. staying chipper with all this is sure taking some effort.

August 3, 2003

ow, oh, ew, aiee

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My body hurts in all the wrong places. Sitting still is painful at the moment. Helped [Dale|Dale Ghent] and [Sara|Sara Sathya] move out of [2600|2600 North Calvert Street] yesterday. Since I needed to go to work, we left before there was unloading to do.

Trying to come up with some cool geeky work arounds at work. [Rob1|Rob Carlson] and [Rob2|Rob Banz] were helping with that. Maybe we’ll get something working. Now I need to get my hands on some Windows XP software to install on Virtual PC. Maybe then the new workaround will be good.

Watched [Secretary] last night and liked it very much. Rob was surprised that it was rated R, me too a little. There were some interesting ideas in that movie.

Okay, Rob wants to go get breakfast and since that is one of my favorite times with him, I’m off to get some clothes on and see what we shall eat.

Oh yeah, ain’t life grand?