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May 31, 2003

MT Geek Help Needed

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Okay, I finally got everything inserted into MT. But now I have the problem that I want to still use Fishy/Epistolary. Before, I simple typed in “[Rob|Rob Carlson]’ and used a php parse function to look up Rob Carslon, and put in the link to that page with the text link being ‘Rob’. (got that?)

But I can’t seem to find where to edit


or how to go about using the parse function. I’m under the impression that I won’t be able to use php anymore since it won’t work within the cgi format (or whatever geeky-technical term there is for that). So, sigh. I really don’t want to learn perl to do this, but will if that is my last option. Oh, and I also don’t want to change the way MTEntryBody works for the other blogs I’m running on MT too, so it has to be blog specific as well.

I should have looked up this problem before going to the effort to change to MT. I might have just stuck with my current system instead.

May 29, 2003


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I love my honey, but I seem to get constant reminders of how completely incompatible we are. While, I don’t even claim that people need to be perfectly matched on everything, seems like being matched on something is good. I’m sure there are some things we do make a good match for and I wish I could think of some them right now.

And while I’m at it, wish someone would re-explain the concept of compromise to me. Because it feels like it tends to be one way or another without any middle ground. If only I were actually good at communication or at giving my wishes away to make someone else happy. Maybe the day will come that I’m not selfish and self-center, but that day is not today. Foo.

May 28, 2003

helping out

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It seems that Phil Gregory i sad to lose his google ranking. I hear he is down below the #5 spot. Poor, poor [Phil!|phil gregory].

In other notes, moo!

irrational irritability

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Some days are just filled with sharp irritability for no reason at all. To where I think that I’ll jump over my cubicle wall and scream at a coworked just because she keeps thumping her desk. Of course, that would never happen.

How funny it would be if it did. Me being one of the quietest and most easy going gals in the office, to just suddenly fly off the handle and over the wall. Just this morning a coworker says “Oh, I almost forgot you work here, you’re so quiet all the time.” Yeah, that would be funny. But instead, I’ll just sit here steaming over all the things I have no control over and wondering when this feeling will go away.

May 27, 2003

bittersweet beer

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Woo! I got to actually get to [beer] tonight. This was really cool due to the fact that Rob was going to be there too. Unfortunatly, to arrange for the night out, I also had to arrange to be home early too. So, as my luck would have it, Rob showed up shortly before I left. So much for that idea. But he brought Emily with him, so he didn’t really need my company anyway.

I left beer in a slump, guess thats just how my day is going. Actually, it’s really due to how off-balance I am and I can’t really fuss over it since it’s my fault and I know how to fix it. But, just the same, realizing that I wasted a trip to Brewers just to be there about an hour, miss out on seeing the one person I was waiting for the whole evening, and got snapped at a few times by a friend who has reccently been reminding me of someone else I’ve known, was not the best way to end a fun night out.

But on the up note, one of the coolest things happened at beer. I finally realized that I’m a part of the Baltimore geeky-burnery circle of friends now. No longer do I feel like that chick that showed up and never went away. And even better, I think my friends like me, which is a major ego boost along with a wonderful warm fuzzy that made the evening enjoyable enough for me to be left in a state of flux over how I feel about the evening.

couldn’t sleep enough

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I really didn’t want to get up this morning. Argh. But I made it out the door close enough to on time to not worry about it. Of course, I ended up hitting traffic that took me over an hour to travel from the tunnel to the Russel Street exit. Sigh. But still got to take my CPR class.

Don’t know how I managed to stay awake for it. Probably has something to do with the fact that my mind kept drifting back to certain moments from this weekend. Thanks to everyone for the warm fuzzy memories that are keeping me awake.

May 26, 2003

thankful to be dry

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To: baltwash-burning@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [baltwash-burning] thankful to be dry

However, I’m far more thankful for the truly amazing weekend I just had.
The weather was awful, yes. But I was so inspired by the burning spirit
and how everyone trugged through puddle after puddle, clothing
covered with mud spoltches, and bodies obviously tired from the extra
effort needed to get around, but they kept going.

For me, this weekend was unforgetable. It showed me the true spirit of
burners and how they will push on and still havefun even with the massive amounts of challenges before them. With cars
burried in the mud, trucks unmoveable, and tents and camps turning into
raging wetlands, I never saw someone complianing or fussing that the
weather ruined their weekend.

I had the same wonderful, only-at-PDF moments that I always have because
the magic and vibe was still there. In fact, in a sense, it was even
stronger because we were taking quite a hit to keep up the pace the we
to expect at times.

I have a million trillion thanks to so many people. Greeters for rocking
so hard even when they were dealing with the crappiest of situations, dpw
and rangers for helping get things worked out and moving fluidly (pardon
the pun), and the wonderful volunteer response that was there moving gear
when it needed moved and pushing and shoving out cars (just to be thanked
with a body spray of mud) and to every participant who didn’t stop just
because the rain and muck wouldn’t. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This was an amazing weekend!


May 22, 2003

tomorrow! tomorrow! tomorrow!

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[PDF|playa del fuego] starts tomorrow. Woohoo! I’m soooo hyped up about it this time. I am boiling out of my chair. So much stuff happening there, so many camps coming, everyone has kicked so much ass getting things happening, it is amazing. Wow, I don’t care if it rains mud all weekend, I am happy and excited to go.

renwed faith

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I love my boyfriend, [Rob Carlson]. He continuiously plows along through the web finding tidbit after tidbit of stuff. I don’t have the patience or tolerance to do that. But, after the links he showed me today (below), I think I’ll try to extend my tolerance levels.

Water Going Uphil
Radom Webpage
and just for fun:
Scorpion Sushi

May 15, 2003

gotta change some things

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I’ve been seriously thinking about how I have my life organized, or unorganized as it is. It seems that I always come up with ideas and things that I want to do, but always accept putting it off until later. Later has turned hours into weeks into months. And I htink it’s about time that I stopped and really did what I wanted to do.

Of course, this is easy to say when I’m sitting at my desk with plenty of time to mentally analyze my life. However, I know that when the day draws to an end and I am rushing home, I will change my tone a little. Suddenly, taking a short nap sounds far more appealing than another load of laundry. However, I need to make the commitment to changing some thing.

I’d also like to see my daughter more and make time at home for family activities. Right now, it’s mostly an act of coming home, doing homework, and then she is off to play. While I doubt that my new plan will make her happier in the begining, it will be better in the end. I think it’s time to set up a nightly dinnertime and let Alex help make it (plus that helps make sure there is something she likes to eat with dinner). Then homework and family time afterward before heading off to bed. It may mean being a little more strict in some manners, but I think that it could really help. It should give us both time when we get home to unwind a little, either by her running off to play or mye taking a break to mentally tally what I want to do that evening.

I also want to stop being out of the house as much as we are now. Rob prompted a grocery shopping trip over the weekend and it’s nice knowing there is stuff to eat in the house. So, more meals at home should give me a little extra money to do stuff with alex every week (not that it has to cost money). Before Alex runs off to Oklahoma for the summer, I’d like to make sure she knows that I think she is the greatest thing in the world.

So, great and lofty plans. But I think that it’s time to finally follow through with them. And what a better time, than right before an event when anything and everything needs attention. ::Grin::

May 13, 2003

time to seel

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[Rob|Rob Carlson] keeps talking about [blogshares]. Guess it is time to actually find out what it is about.

In other news, my daughter’s father had another kid. And after not calling for months and months, or is it years and years now?, he thought that was worthy news to call and talk to her about. I decided that perhaps he should spend that time talking with her and that I’d let her know about the new sister a little later. I would hate to see the dissapointment on her face if she were to realize that her dad never takes the time to talk to her and now he has someone else to spend that time with.

May 6, 2003

time on hand

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Wow, I can actually type up something here. cool. Nothing to really talk about. No time to read news or anything. Busy with [pdf|playa del fuego] stuff and looking forward to the burn. Going to beer tonight.