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April 28, 2003

live fire performance

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I’m watching Amy spin fire. I’m sitting on my swing in the backyard with my beautiful laptop. People are all hanging out and having lots of fun and stuff like that. Rob hooked up a little dj station on the porch and is doing pretty good with new software and a small selection of music to play with. This is way too cool. Life is wonderfully amazing.

Oh look! Someone else is playing with fire and he is good too…….

April 26, 2003

Colleg Park

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Today started too early. Or at least, last night ended too late for today to start as early as it did. I was out of the house before 9am and in college park by 10am. Dropped my car off to get inspected, Dave, Steph, Alex, Alex, and I went to [Noodles] for lunch, the auto part store, a park, and the UWm campus. There wre lots of acitivies happening on campus. My alex got to do some rock wall climbing, we saw some horses and sheep, and a cow with a platic disc in it’s side that let you stick your hand into it’s stomache (yes, the cows were alive and well while this was happening).

Got my car back, it failed, bummer. Went and took a nap. My mom crabbily picked up Alex. Then we headed back to campus to watch a Gymnastics show. All in all a very busy day with lots happening. I’m already tired. There was some talk of going out dancing, I don’t see that we will actually be doing that.

Tomorrow will be really busy too. Maybe my mom is so mad she won’t want to do the craft show, hope not.

April 21, 2003

weekend adventures

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Friday, I finally decided to go camping with the DC crew. I had been on the fence about going since my car needed repairs on Friday and money just got a little tighter. However, I remembered that I have always been the one with a reputation for craziness and insane plans. It would actually look bad on me if I didn’t go.

The trip there was great, I slept the whole way. The night before Rob wasn’t feeling well and his tossing and turning kept both of us up most of the night (we need a bigger bed). There ended up being 11 of us that went. There was no fee for camping, the spaces were mostly empty, and we spent the entire evening unbothered by anyone else. It was great.

Sunday morning we eventually go around to packing up and leaving. Got home in time to shower, dress, and run out the door to the Springtime Picnic I had planned. We ended up being late, but so was everyone else. The food was wonderful and mad props to Phil for starting up the grill and roasting the dead animals for us, thanks hon!

So the weekend was fun and exciting. I’m still exhausted. My body is sore, but I’m back in high spirits. I love my friends.

April 17, 2003

sad car

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My car was sad this mornig, pouting and stuttering and stuff. She’s now at the shop, awaiting for some loving soul to take time to check her out (probably tomorrow). What a great way to start a kid free weekend: carless. Oh well, I’ll be able to use the bus to get to work tomorrow. That makes me feel a little better.

April 16, 2003

office goddess

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Inspiration hit me yesterday with the creation of my first office goddess. She if several inches tall, has long metallic purple hair that drags the ground, a purple face with a smug little “well of course I know that” smile, and a pale purple dress. She sits on my shelf, looking down over me, and smiles knowingly when I mutter that the people I work with are crazy. Welcome office goddess, stay as you will, go if you must. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

April 15, 2003

happy sushi house

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Sushi makes the house happy, or at least, [sushi] makes the people in the house happy. Last’s nights little sushi gathering was lots of fun. Kathleen made the rice and some dumplings, Karl the dumpling sauce, Phil and I helped chop up vegetables, and everyone had the opportunity to roll sushi.

This was my first time to ever make sushi. It was fun and easy. I’ll now be making sushi at home more than I’ll be going out to eat it (woohoo, budget cut). Rob commented that all his daily nutrition needs better come from rice and eel since that’s all I’ll be cooking from now on.

Afterwards, we did a touch fire spinning in the backyard. That was fun. I prolly had a little too much sake, plum wine, and smirnoff judging by the smudge marks. I still had fun, lots of fun. Just what I needed last night.

I’ve realized that Rob doesn’t take as many pictures at parties anymore. I wonder why. I know that if I had been in Wisconsin, I’d prolly be spending this time going though the photos of everything I missed last night. I’m so happy that I live here now. I guess that makes it okay that he takes less pictures.

April 11, 2003

chilly in here

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The house is 58 degrees. I think I will go ahead and make [Rob|Rob Carlson] happy and turn on the heater before he gets home. 62 sounds warm enough.

I finally have the ability to post back. Oh wait, that is a lie. I never lost it. I just deleted my crontab entry to rebuild my page every hour. Here I thought it was broken all this time.

I see my spelling is terrible in previous posts. I think that I will eventually get around to fixing them. For now, trying to get out of the house and go watch some movies. Rob’s not happy with my movie selection -Princess Bride. Oh well, I feel like seeing it again.

April 7, 2003

food stuff

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I used to cook almost every night. Thought myself to be a damn good cook, still think that I am. But I can’t ever think of anything that I want to make anymore. No ideas ever come to mind and I just stare at my grocery list wishing something would sound good. I’m sad, I used to love cooking, but now I can’t even think of anything. Sigh.