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February 28, 2003

what? more snow.

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Didn’t make it home after having dinner out last night. Whee. Now just gotta get around to driving back home. I don’t think the snow will be all that bad, the plows seemed to be doing a pretty good job last night. School and work is closed just the same.

February 27, 2003

Roman Headgear

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Look it up. Make it.


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Wearing one white sock and one black sock because I’m just so cool. Ha. Got a lot done today, but it is still a little frustrating/dissapointing in what I didn’t get done. I actually want to bail on the evening plans I made, wow. That’s not like me. Just sit at home and do something semi-productive to make up for a crappy feeling (even if it was decent) day.

February 26, 2003

funny thing about dreams

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They feel so real when you’re having them. Could feel the wind on my face, the speed of the car, and the warmth of the sunlight. Doesn’t matter that I spent all day in the “real world” where everything is a bit dreary and dirty-snow-covered. Soon as my head hits the pillow, I can believe that I’m really doing all the crazy things my mind creates. Went back to sleep a few times this morning just to continue the dreams.

If your mind believes it is real, isn’t it? Cause all we know of reality now is what our mind tells us. So my dreams are just as real as my desk. No wonder sleep sounds like more fun than work.

February 24, 2003

yellow. pink. orange

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Finally made it back to work today, yipee. I was going a little stir crazy. But by lunch time, I was starting to think that doing all my work from bed was much nicer. I have an awful desk chair that makes every muscle ache. I think it’s time to tell my boss that I have to get a different chair. I’ve tried adjusting that one and it appears to be broken. It is way too painful to sit there all the time.

Alex liked my hair the way it used to be. People at work gave me interesting reactions. One girl seems to like it. Rob likes it. I guess that I like it. Really liked it the way it was right after I got it cut. I know it won’t take long to get back to that point though. Give it a month and I’ll be able to trim it all off. I’ll go get it shaped back up once my friendly hair stylist gets in tomorrow. Wonder what my mom is going to say…

February 23, 2003

breakfast anyone?

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Swanson wants to be sure you get full with their Hungry Man Breakfast. The nutirtion label alone should scare off any starving lunberjack. The only saving grace I can give to them is that the must have forgotten to read the lable after having it made. Gross.

3-way birthday

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I had a great time at the 3-way birthday party last night. Nice seeing Dave and Steph’s house filled with some many happy people all enjoying themselves. Met a few new people, which is always nice. Sometimes I get to thinking I need to branch out my circle of friends a little more. There is nothing wrong with the one’s I have, I love them dearly, but I still think it would be nice to have some friends from a different “group”. Just to keep things a little more balanced. Otherwise, burners wll always be my baseline on normality and I’ll always wonder whats wrong with everyone else I meet for being so far from that line.

Happy birthday [Dave Diller], [Mike Clayberg], and [Blue]!

February 22, 2003

Chocolat dancer

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Has anyone noticed the dance at the fertility celebration held on easter in this movie? I want to make her dress–sleeves actually. I’ve gone throug the movie with pause and slow motion on enough times that I think I hae a good enough indication of what I need. That is going to be alot of fabric.

closet organization

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Since were going to have a slight change in the number of adults living in this house, we need to change our closet organization. So Rob and I have to move our closet upstairs.

February 18, 2003

wise advice

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Don’t pursue someone that is in love with someone else. Doesn’t really matter if they are with the other person or not. Sometimes their wanting can be worse than them having.

I don’t think this is a lesson I ever had a chance to learn, but still a valuable one just the same.

Fashion This

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My mom rescued me from the snow, yipee! She was hungry so we went over to [El Salto] for lunch. Unfortunatly, I’d already eaten lunch and wasn’t hungry. I munched on chips, had a tasty margarita, and enjoyed the conversation. Then we headed over to Barnes & Nobles in [Towson, MD] but they were closed. Went down a few more blocks to Borders and picked up a new book:

[Fashion]: The Collection of the [Kyoto Costume Institute]; A History from the 18th to the 20th Century. Published by [Taschen].

Wow, what a book. Thank goodness the copy I bought was wrapped in plastic, I was still drooling from just thumbing through the preview copy they had on the shelves. This is a sweet book. Ended up buying it instead of the [Make Your Own Japanese Clothing] book I had come to the store for. I think it was a wise choice. I’ll just go to the library to get that one; I’d rather have this book on my shelf for reference.

February 17, 2003


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I’ve been using [Safari]1.0 since I got my laptop. This is a great browser, everything looks so much cleaner and pop-ups are cute. So far, the only compatibility problem I’ve found is with [moveable type]’s emphasis and url buttons not appearing when adding new entries. [Rob|Rob Carlson] had to do a little tweaking to fix the cookies we need to add/manage [fishy] and [epistolary]. Another issue, non-display related, is that I can’t tab through Safari windows. This is my only complaint and one I hope to find a way to fix soon.

still looking at snow

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Well, we got the sidewalk reshoveled and some a good amount of Rob’s car uncovered. Mine is now 1/4 uncovered, which is impressive since it was completely buried. Guess it was a snowdrift magnet. I’m still waiting for the plows to come by and make getting down the streets easier but getting out of the driveway impossible. Neighborhood kids thought it would be cute to walk over the hood of Rob’s car and the roof of mine just cause the snow arched up over our cars. Rob was pretty bothered by it, but then again, he seems to get bothered by almost anything the neighborhood kids do.

Asked some of the [Baltimore Bloggers] what they were doing to amuse themselves. Hikes seemed like the things to do, of course, what else is there, really? Of course, this city further disappoints me when it’s resident bloggers seem to find their neighbors to be complete idiots and the city unattractive even with a beautiful dumping of snow. I don’t know if I am ever going to be able to like this city, no one I meet ever tells me good things about it. At least I’m not wishing to leave though, that makes it tolerable.

February 16, 2003

look at the snow

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Wow. It has really snowed. We have over a foot outside, the cars are pretty hidden, and it is impossible for me to drive anywhere. We walked to the shopping center in hopes of getting some food, but the chinese place and grocery store were closed. Turned out to be a long unsuccessful trip. But it was still fun. However, I now have a headache and can’t really enjoy it. I think it’ll be snowing for a while still.

February 15, 2003

movie night

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At [Leah’s|leah marcus] house watching some completly whacked films, [Bad Taste] and [Meet the Feebles]. Interesting way to spend post valentine’s day joy. Also geeking out on her wireless too, but at least I won’t mention how much I like my new toy again. I’m freezing cold. Think I’ll go cuddle up with the cutie behind that powerbook, ooh la la.

Belly Dance Two

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Okay, I shouldn’t be allowed to start another bellydance project before finishing the first one, but oh well. Saw a performance at Alchemy last week with some awesome costumes that I want to make. Will be making one for my friend Kathleen as well. Right now, it’s just plan since I need to get to work on the Geisha costumes first.

Geisha Girls

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As things will happen on channel, I will be making a traditional Geisha outfits for my friend Phil and myself. These should be ready for Spring PDF in May. I’m starting on them now because it sometimes takes me a while to get things finished.

ooooh baby!

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I have a brand new toy, I’m so in love. For that awful, nasty, Valentine’s holiday, [Rob|Rob Carlson] and I went to the apple store. We walked out with two 12 inch G4 PowerBooks. This laptop is soooooooo sweet. I can’t type enough letters and !!!’s to express how happy I am about this. I finally have a laptop, I finally have wireless, and I so wanna go geek out somewhere. I’m very pleased with the Mac OS X operating system. I’m running an os that has all the wonderful Unix stuff! This is great, I can surf through my files and directories so much faster; I can just ssh to wherever I want to go without having to install putty. I can do so much stuff.

I already rented a DVD and watched it last night. That was awesome, I’ve been wanting to watch movies lately and now I can, anywhere that I want! I’m in love, so in love, this is great, what an awesome system.

I’m trying to not bee too geeky about all of this and not be too much of a show off, but when you get such a nice brand new toy, you can’t help but be excited about it. Wow

February 13, 2003

sweeties day tomorrow

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I usually dislike this holiday. I thought it was because of all the romantic hype it’s given and how it’s all about buy me this or that. On second thought, I don’t like this holiday because I love doing wonderfully sweet things for the people I love, but have never had anyone do the same for me. And while, I’m all about gifting out smiles galore, but it begins to lose it’s luster when it never trickles back my way. So, guess that is why I’m all “phoo phoo” on Valentine’s Day. I’ll do something nice for Alex though, her smile is worth it. Wow, that sounds so selfish. Oh well, I’m up for being a little selfish these days, [some people|donna wiggins] already think I am.

February 10, 2003

got sewage?

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Looks their there has be a misreporting of a sewage overflow in [Maryland]. Seems that 280,500 gallons suddenly shrunk to 4,915 when the Dept. of Public Works reported it.


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It looks like our friend Dubi is doing pretty good with this Parking Spots gallery. Looks like he has 81 entries now, not bad at all. I am happy being entry 18 and entry 19.

February 9, 2003

acid house

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Went to 2600 to watch a movie with [Sara|Sara Sathya] and [Dale|dale Ghent]. Saw [The Acid House], somewhat similar to [Trainspotting] but different in it’s own odd way. Enjoyed a bottle of wine that some kind soul brought for the housewarming, I’m starting to like wine (hopefully I haven’t said that twice in one day on my page). [Someone|Rob Banz] wasn’t up for coming out, wanted to stay home alone and do chores. Not sure to be glad that there are people that dedicated to self-made schedules or if I should worry that my friends don’t do crazier stuff to keep their life interesting. But, I guess it is nice to just do nothing and be around no one, but it’s been a while since I’ve had that and not sure I would like it either. Grabbed some grub after the movie at [Charles Village Pub] and am way too stuffed, still full of wine, and thinking that I should either go to sleep or seduce rob a little (hmm, what a difficult choice, hehehehe). I love my life.

got to getaway

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I’m still on this “I must getaway” trip. Right now, I’m thinking that a local Maryland bed & breakfast would be the perfect escape. Take some books, some movies, some art, and just take a break. Currently looking at Five Gables Inn & Spa in [St. Michaels, Maryland]. They have some very cozy rooms that are in my price range for a weekend. I could go for one of their 1-hour massages, take some walks around the village, possibly try out some tasty crab dishes, and just relax. The biggest drawback for this place is that they offer an “extensive continental breakfast” which sounds like something less that the biscuits and gravy fare I was hoping for. And there is no kitchenette that I had kinda wanted so that I could do some fine dining on my own dishes. But it is one to consider, prettiest one I’ve seen so far. Oops, I misread their rates, they are about double what I can afford. Oh well, still looks nice.

The Summerfield Suites in Gaithersburg sound like an idea too. Not a B&B, but has a kitchen, hot buffet breakfast, and some of the stuff I’m looking for. I just want to get away, not sure I really care where as long as it is quiet, semi-secluded, and I can hide out for the whole weekend.

February 8, 2003

toasty living

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The housewarming party is over. I stumbled into bed a little after 3:00 am. Most everyone had made their way out the door, and Rob was checking on the stragglers. The food from [Mount Everest] was wonderful and there was nothing left at the end of the night. I didn’t eat near as much of it as I wanted.

Dale’s spinning was amazing, I wish Rob still lived at 2600 so that I could listen to his stuff more often. Fred did his slide thing in the bedroom. The fish and underwater photography really caught people’s attention.

We’re thinking there were about fifty-three people in all that showed. I now know that our house can handle a good number of people, music in the basement can be at enjoyable levels without overpowering the whole house, and large groups of people know how to clean up after themselves. This morning there was very little tidying up to do and our house is clean and full of good energy. Plus, I found a thing of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the freezer, score! What a great party. My friends rock.

February 6, 2003


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Nothing to write, just writing because I can. Housewarming party is tomorrow, eek.

February 5, 2003

get away

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Southwest is having some great deal on flights right now. I can fly to [Providence, Rhode Island] for less that $90 round trip. This is my newest preffered destination. They have some plays showing during the first weekend of March (when I’d like to go) that look good, along wtih Phantom of the Opera, which I’ve never actually seen. Find a cute little place to stay, hide away for the weekend. Sounds like a pretty good plan actually. Too bad it can’t be today.

February 4, 2003

nothing on the top..

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“nothing on the top but a bucket and a mop and an illustrated book about birds. ThereÆs a lot up there, but don’t be scared, who needs answers when you’ve got words.” I’m not ever sure if that is the exact words or not, it’s been so long since I’ve actually heard that song. But thatÆs about the mood I’m in.

As for hitting the top, I’m still high a kite but not in the messed up drugged sense. Gotta love soaring through the air, feeling feathers fluttering at your back, and acting like the world doesn’t matter. But even when I’m flying, I can still feel the feathers falling out, tickling my ankle as the starting heading down. Took my [lithium|lithium carbonate] for the first time in months today. I’ve been out way too late for 3 of the past 4 nights, rationalizing crazy ideas like wild excursions to other parts of the world, and walking around with that it-could-almost-be-a-heart-attack-tightness in my chest that is really just the digestions of a million thoughts and five thousand feeling all colliding at once. This manic trip has actually scared me enough to do something about it before it gets too bad. It’s the strongest phase I’ve had since the last one that left me standing on a beach at midnight. In a sense, I think it could be fun to let it play out, but I know what that brings when it does finally finish. I got a damn fine job and boyfriend that I’m so happy with, can’t risk messing up either of those things.

Oh, and manic or nonmanic, I’m planning to use the study money from John Hopkins to go somewhere. I so need to get away. Not that I don’t get chances to do a lot of stuff on my own now, I just need to take some kind of trip before I really go crazy and end up in Africa or something crazy like that.