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December 29, 2002


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Last night, I decided to backup my entire hard drive on [Nitrous]. Rob tarred and zipped up a good 5 gigs worth of information, transferred it over, and I rebooted my system with plans to reinstall Windows 2000. I was hoping to get back my cdrom, burner, and diskette drives that I lost months ago when my computer first started acting up. The hard drive has been tipsy and swerving closer to toast at every start up.

As luck would have it, as soon as the backup was complete, I rebooted to discover that my hard drive had crossed the yellow line and crashed. It was no longer there. Crap, it didn’t matter that I wanted to reinstall windows, there was nothing to reinstall it on.

But lucky me, Rob runs off to work this morning and stops at the computer show he discovered on the way. He comes home with a brand new 60 gig drive for me. Merry Christmas indeed.

After multiple set backs, I finally got everything installed, fixed some driver problems, and have started pulling the information back off of Nitrous. Unfortunately, when we made the tar.gz file, we didn’t realize that Solaris wouldnĘt be able to unzip (or untar, whatever the proper term is) a file so large. So, we’re now reversing the compression process in hopes that it will work. We think it will, otherwise, I just lost years worth of information that is not backed up anywhere. At least all my photos are backed up on a disk, somewhere.

I guess I’ll spend the evening giving [fishy] the attention it has been missing and wait for all my files to get back so I can start installing software.