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December 28, 2002


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Just spent a long Saturday afternoon working at Joanne∆s. I hate Saturdays! I normally work early weekday mornings, with all the nice people who know what they want and what they are doing in the store. When I have to go from that to masses of ignorant and impatient people who can’t seem to grasps simple concepts such as: what is on the shelf is what we have, I don’t have a special bin of that item hidden anywhere else, no - I can’t make this 1 yard piece into 2 yards by magic.

Now, I try to tolerate the people in the store on weekends. I try really hard to ignore their stupid questions and even harder to ignore the fact that they think that just because I’m working in the store that I should know every little detail about the crafts that are on the other side of the store from the cutting table that I am working at. “No, I don’t know what shelf that item is on, mam. I suggest starting at the top and work your way down will help you find it.”

Today, I have a “guest” searching out some Christmas blankets that a lady in line told here were over in the fabric section. She swears the woman told her that is was over there and that there were several there when she picked hers up. She corners an associate and hassles her about them, the associate tries to help her find it with no luck. At this point, she is yelling in the middle of an isle, past the long line of guests waiting to get fabric cut, about how come she can’t find them, the lady said there were right here, she can’t see any, wha wha wha. Finally, she comes up to me, asking where she can find a “competent” employee to help her since she the other girl wasn’t any help. I explain that I haven’t seen the quilts she is looking for, that she should consider scouring the seasonal section to see if the woman meant the other side of the store, and if she doesn’t find them, they are prolly sold out. Of course, this gets her back to ranting about how the woman told her there were tons more, that they were right over here. Ahhhhh! Other associates try pointing her in other directions, she keeps whining about “right here!”

I force a smile, cuss the woman in my mind, concentrate on the shamrock fabric I’m cutting six yards of, and engage the half smiling guest in front of me (I know he thinks this woman was whacked too) in a conversation about the toga party he plan to wear his shamrock toga too. The woman gets no more attention from any of us, huffs off in another direction, prolly to the misfortune of the next associate that is walking about trying to get their job done.

Did I mention that I hate Saturdays. But, I have the next week off. I’m happy about that.