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December 26, 2002


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I have survived the holidays, sigh. The trip to Wisconsin was so much easier with 4 drivers, I got to spend most of the time sleeping and time flew by. I was so happy to see Bobby, Shahara, and Wade. I knew that I missed them, but having them around again felt like I had never been gone. That is one of the things that I love most about Deeply Rooted, it feels like you have never left as soon as you are there again.

The weekend in Wisconsin was too short. We were on our way home almost as soon as we got there. Too bad, I could use a full week at DR. I think that Steve could too.

We got home to realize that our DSL is down since it dropped when we dropped the phone line. oops. It looks like it will be a few weeks minimum before we get it back. Maybe even longer since Rob talks like he doesn’t want it back, and I have other bills which are more important to take care of. So, I won’t be making many updates to this site of any of the other websites that I work on now. Bummer.

I’m not the only one at work today, I’m surprised. But it is still pretty quiet and about time for me to go grab a morning wake up drink. Working downtown makes everything too tempting.

I recently noticed several hits from [teoti.net] in my logs. After further checking, I realize that they were linking directly to one of my webcam images. Yuck. I was happy to see that most of them were getting 403′d. I tried checking out the referrer, but you had to have an account to log in. Yuck. But, curiosity got the better of me, I signed up, and discovered that some people are finally connecting “XIX” with “xix” and not 19. Woohoo. Add in the flattery present in the post and I was happy. It’s fun to be considered a cute webmaster. This was all posted up by [Brian], check out geeknik.net to stalk him as I did. Seeing some links for [Burning Man] almost satisfied my curiosity. Unfortunately, I didn’t stop there, I headed back over to teoti.net to see what else he posts on, and well, it seems to be mostly sexist content of various degrees. I can’t tell most if in good humor or not since I was not about to venture off into anything non-worksafe while at work. But over all, I get the impression it’s another geek, possible burner, with google whorish tendencies, and typically male. Oh well.