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December 23, 2002


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Made it home from Wisconsin quickly and safely. Only to find that I get to spend a little extra time offline since our dsl connection is down. Weíre worried it might be connected to the dropping of our phone line since it seems to have happened at the same time. That would suck. But why have a phone line when you donít use it? But if it is required for dsl, weíll prolly be getting it back.

But enough about being here, being there was much more interesting. Minimal snowfall was present, but still nice to see the woods covered with snow. Wade greeted us as the first to arrive; I was shocked to beat Bobby there. But he arrived within minutes of unloading the car with Shahara and kids. We quickly got settled into the toasty warm community center, I think it put up strong competition for the cabins we had last year. In fact, the community center is much nicer cause Rob and I slept on a bed (big enough to move around on too!), Leah had the mattress on the floor, Alex had a kid-sized mattress, and Steve cuddled up in his sleep bag. Awful luxurious amenities for winter camping, but then again, I hadnít planned on freezing while indoors.

Soon it was time to whip up some grub; I finally managed to cook all of the food I packed for [Burning Man]. The community center sure makes for luxury camp cooking to. Basically, it is the same as cooking at home, except more room and less light. There was a large wood stove in the living area providing heat and some cooking surfaces. We kept a pot of water on it all weekend, what a refreshing change from the dry heat at home (of which my nose is already annoyed at again).

It was already dark on Friday, so we only did a little chatting and goofing off outside. The clouds never parted the entire weekend, poor Steve. Inside was fun, getting a chance to talk with Wade and Shahara (Bobby doesnít sit, he works). The range of conversations over the weekend was fantastic. Constant references to literature and movies made it fun for everyone else. I felt left out cause I havenít seen most of the movies that everyone else seems to know by heart. Oh well, Iíll eventually catch up when I get a good vcr/dvd and screen. It was still fun to watch debates ensue over every topic that Iíve never even thought to debate.