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December 16, 2002


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Had to finally check into childcare today. :( I was hoping to hold off a little longer on needing to do it. But we suddenly needed before school care and I needed care for the holiday break, so at least that is taken care of. I called a few family providers and am meeting with one this afternoon. She sounds nice and has several other kids from [Villa Cresta|Villa Cresta Elementary School]. So hopefully this works out.

I’m getting my [child support] checks to my home address now. I was worried about reporting the new address because I didn’t know if the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund would still provide services for me if I was no longer in Wisconsin. That could still be the case, so I’m still going to wait and see, at least until I start getting caught up on bills and can do without the weekly check without too much trouble. I need to reread all their documentation to find out what they are collecting as opposed to what they are distributing. I think they keep a percentage of the funds, sad since most people needing help getting child care enforced really need that money, but still worth their services to get *something*.

It is this time of year that I get really frustrated. So much to do and so many other things come up. And then I feel like I have to trade off some things I find important for other things less important but a higher priority. I hate living life like this. I have so little interest in so many things that I’m forced to deal with cause that is the way society is run. And then fit in everyone else opinions of how things should be done, and how drastically different my opinions tend to be from that, and it makes life stressful. Good thing I’ll be back in the [Wisconsin woods this weekend|Winter Solstice Burn] to hide from it all.