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December 15, 2002


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The holiday party went well. There were lots of tasty food to eat and plenty of leftovers to keep eating. Looks like I’ll also be drinking a lot of wine since the bottle of [Sangria] is still half full. I skitted off to bed early because (I thought) I had to go to work early the next morning.

I get to work at 6am, no one is there. I figured that I got the time wrong and that I wasn’t supposed to start until 7am. I sleep in my cold car for an hour in the parking lot, wake up to my phone alarm, and still no one is there. I give up, head home, cuddle up with my honey, and sleep till 10am. I call work and explain my morning and find out I wasn’t scheduled to work at all. So, I actually had a morning that I could sleep in and sleep off the festivities of the night before, and I wasted it by going to work anyways. Silly me.

[Santarchy] article is up:
You Better Watch Out: Especially When the Hordes of Marauding Santas Come to Town