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December 29, 2002


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Last night, I decided to backup my entire hard drive on [Nitrous]. Rob tarred and zipped up a good 5 gigs worth of information, transferred it over, and I rebooted my system with plans to reinstall Windows 2000. I was hoping to get back my cdrom, burner, and diskette drives that I lost months ago when my computer first started acting up. The hard drive has been tipsy and swerving closer to toast at every start up.

As luck would have it, as soon as the backup was complete, I rebooted to discover that my hard drive had crossed the yellow line and crashed. It was no longer there. Crap, it didn’t matter that I wanted to reinstall windows, there was nothing to reinstall it on.

But lucky me, Rob runs off to work this morning and stops at the computer show he discovered on the way. He comes home with a brand new 60 gig drive for me. Merry Christmas indeed.

After multiple set backs, I finally got everything installed, fixed some driver problems, and have started pulling the information back off of Nitrous. Unfortunately, when we made the tar.gz file, we didn’t realize that Solaris wouldnÆt be able to unzip (or untar, whatever the proper term is) a file so large. So, we’re now reversing the compression process in hopes that it will work. We think it will, otherwise, I just lost years worth of information that is not backed up anywhere. At least all my photos are backed up on a disk, somewhere.

I guess I’ll spend the evening giving [fishy] the attention it has been missing and wait for all my files to get back so I can start installing software.

December 28, 2002


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Just spent a long Saturday afternoon working at JoanneÆs. I hate Saturdays! I normally work early weekday mornings, with all the nice people who know what they want and what they are doing in the store. When I have to go from that to masses of ignorant and impatient people who can’t seem to grasps simple concepts such as: what is on the shelf is what we have, I don’t have a special bin of that item hidden anywhere else, no - I can’t make this 1 yard piece into 2 yards by magic.

Now, I try to tolerate the people in the store on weekends. I try really hard to ignore their stupid questions and even harder to ignore the fact that they think that just because I’m working in the store that I should know every little detail about the crafts that are on the other side of the store from the cutting table that I am working at. “No, I don’t know what shelf that item is on, mam. I suggest starting at the top and work your way down will help you find it.”

Today, I have a “guest” searching out some Christmas blankets that a lady in line told here were over in the fabric section. She swears the woman told her that is was over there and that there were several there when she picked hers up. She corners an associate and hassles her about them, the associate tries to help her find it with no luck. At this point, she is yelling in the middle of an isle, past the long line of guests waiting to get fabric cut, about how come she can’t find them, the lady said there were right here, she can’t see any, wha wha wha. Finally, she comes up to me, asking where she can find a “competent” employee to help her since she the other girl wasn’t any help. I explain that I haven’t seen the quilts she is looking for, that she should consider scouring the seasonal section to see if the woman meant the other side of the store, and if she doesn’t find them, they are prolly sold out. Of course, this gets her back to ranting about how the woman told her there were tons more, that they were right over here. Ahhhhh! Other associates try pointing her in other directions, she keeps whining about “right here!”

I force a smile, cuss the woman in my mind, concentrate on the shamrock fabric I’m cutting six yards of, and engage the half smiling guest in front of me (I know he thinks this woman was whacked too) in a conversation about the toga party he plan to wear his shamrock toga too. The woman gets no more attention from any of us, huffs off in another direction, prolly to the misfortune of the next associate that is walking about trying to get their job done.

Did I mention that I hate Saturdays. But, I have the next week off. I’m happy about that.

December 26, 2002


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I have survived the holidays, sigh. The trip to Wisconsin was so much easier with 4 drivers, I got to spend most of the time sleeping and time flew by. I was so happy to see Bobby, Shahara, and Wade. I knew that I missed them, but having them around again felt like I had never been gone. That is one of the things that I love most about Deeply Rooted, it feels like you have never left as soon as you are there again.

The weekend in Wisconsin was too short. We were on our way home almost as soon as we got there. Too bad, I could use a full week at DR. I think that Steve could too.

We got home to realize that our DSL is down since it dropped when we dropped the phone line. oops. It looks like it will be a few weeks minimum before we get it back. Maybe even longer since Rob talks like he doesn’t want it back, and I have other bills which are more important to take care of. So, I won’t be making many updates to this site of any of the other websites that I work on now. Bummer.

I’m not the only one at work today, I’m surprised. But it is still pretty quiet and about time for me to go grab a morning wake up drink. Working downtown makes everything too tempting.

I recently noticed several hits from [teoti.net] in my logs. After further checking, I realize that they were linking directly to one of my webcam images. Yuck. I was happy to see that most of them were getting 403′d. I tried checking out the referrer, but you had to have an account to log in. Yuck. But, curiosity got the better of me, I signed up, and discovered that some people are finally connecting “XIX” with “xix” and not 19. Woohoo. Add in the flattery present in the post and I was happy. It’s fun to be considered a cute webmaster. This was all posted up by [Brian], check out geeknik.net to stalk him as I did. Seeing some links for [Burning Man] almost satisfied my curiosity. Unfortunately, I didn’t stop there, I headed back over to teoti.net to see what else he posts on, and well, it seems to be mostly sexist content of various degrees. I can’t tell most if in good humor or not since I was not about to venture off into anything non-worksafe while at work. But over all, I get the impression it’s another geek, possible burner, with google whorish tendencies, and typically male. Oh well.

December 23, 2002


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Made it home from Wisconsin quickly and safely. Only to find that I get to spend a little extra time offline since our dsl connection is down. We’re worried it might be connected to the dropping of our phone line since it seems to have happened at the same time. That would suck. But why have a phone line when you don’t use it? But if it is required for dsl, we’ll prolly be getting it back.

But enough about being here, being there was much more interesting. Minimal snowfall was present, but still nice to see the woods covered with snow. Wade greeted us as the first to arrive; I was shocked to beat Bobby there. But he arrived within minutes of unloading the car with Shahara and kids. We quickly got settled into the toasty warm community center, I think it put up strong competition for the cabins we had last year. In fact, the community center is much nicer cause Rob and I slept on a bed (big enough to move around on too!), Leah had the mattress on the floor, Alex had a kid-sized mattress, and Steve cuddled up in his sleep bag. Awful luxurious amenities for winter camping, but then again, I hadn’t planned on freezing while indoors.

Soon it was time to whip up some grub; I finally managed to cook all of the food I packed for [Burning Man]. The community center sure makes for luxury camp cooking to. Basically, it is the same as cooking at home, except more room and less light. There was a large wood stove in the living area providing heat and some cooking surfaces. We kept a pot of water on it all weekend, what a refreshing change from the dry heat at home (of which my nose is already annoyed at again).

It was already dark on Friday, so we only did a little chatting and goofing off outside. The clouds never parted the entire weekend, poor Steve. Inside was fun, getting a chance to talk with Wade and Shahara (Bobby doesn’t sit, he works). The range of conversations over the weekend was fantastic. Constant references to literature and movies made it fun for everyone else. I felt left out cause I haven’t seen most of the movies that everyone else seems to know by heart. Oh well, I’ll eventually catch up when I get a good vcr/dvd and screen. It was still fun to watch debates ensue over every topic that I’ve never even thought to debate.

December 19, 2002


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6 minutes until I have to leave to pick up alex. 6 hours until I leave to Wisconsin. I’m happy, very happy, can’t wait to be in wisconsin, can’t wait to see bobby. But, it’ll be a long car ride, so better prepare for it now, wait, wait, wait, wait…

December 16, 2002


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Had to finally check into childcare today. :( I was hoping to hold off a little longer on needing to do it. But we suddenly needed before school care and I needed care for the holiday break, so at least that is taken care of. I called a few family providers and am meeting with one this afternoon. She sounds nice and has several other kids from [Villa Cresta|Villa Cresta Elementary School]. So hopefully this works out.

I’m getting my [child support] checks to my home address now. I was worried about reporting the new address because I didn’t know if the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund would still provide services for me if I was no longer in Wisconsin. That could still be the case, so I’m still going to wait and see, at least until I start getting caught up on bills and can do without the weekly check without too much trouble. I need to reread all their documentation to find out what they are collecting as opposed to what they are distributing. I think they keep a percentage of the funds, sad since most people needing help getting child care enforced really need that money, but still worth their services to get *something*.

It is this time of year that I get really frustrated. So much to do and so many other things come up. And then I feel like I have to trade off some things I find important for other things less important but a higher priority. I hate living life like this. I have so little interest in so many things that I’m forced to deal with cause that is the way society is run. And then fit in everyone else opinions of how things should be done, and how drastically different my opinions tend to be from that, and it makes life stressful. Good thing I’ll be back in the [Wisconsin woods this weekend|Winter Solstice Burn] to hide from it all.

December 15, 2002


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The holiday party went well. There were lots of tasty food to eat and plenty of leftovers to keep eating. Looks like I’ll also be drinking a lot of wine since the bottle of [Sangria] is still half full. I skitted off to bed early because (I thought) I had to go to work early the next morning.

I get to work at 6am, no one is there. I figured that I got the time wrong and that I wasn’t supposed to start until 7am. I sleep in my cold car for an hour in the parking lot, wake up to my phone alarm, and still no one is there. I give up, head home, cuddle up with my honey, and sleep till 10am. I call work and explain my morning and find out I wasn’t scheduled to work at all. So, I actually had a morning that I could sleep in and sleep off the festivities of the night before, and I wasted it by going to work anyways. Silly me.

[Santarchy] article is up:
You Better Watch Out: Especially When the Hordes of Marauding Santas Come to Town

December 13, 2002


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I am finally going to be brave enough to wear my favorite dress (the green one with swirls of dots and large stary flowers) to work today. I’m new, I can be strange, they shouldn’t care.

Had lunch at [Akbar] with Dean today. The lunch buffet was tasty as usual. I had access to a computer for a few hours at work, that helped get some thigns done.

Busy cleaning house for the holiday party tomorrow. Gotta love last minute planning. Need to go to the grocery store and get stuff to make: soup, deviled eggs, stuffing, and cheeseballs. Hopefully I still have the stuff for cheesecake too. maybe I’ll make some brownies. Gee, will be rewashing all the dishes I just washed. Oh well, holiday cooking is sooo much fun. Hmm. Wonder if Alex would like to make some cookies in the morning before I go to work.

I work until 6pm. The party is at 6:30pm. I’m sure hoping that people will be fashionably late as usual. Of course, my luck will prolly bring them all early and ready to eat. Off to listen to Alex’s bedtime story and clean some more.

December 11, 2002


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We finally got a Christmas tree. Yipee. Put tons of lights on it tonight and hopefully have something to decorate it with tomorrow. No school today because of the ice. Fun.

December 9, 2002


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I started at the [Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center] today. I really like what my job is supposed to be there. At first I thought it was a very “assistance” driven position, but it looks like I will have as much work as I can manage on my own to take on. This is great. I am excited to get started on everything.

I’ve been sick for about a week now. It’s really difficult to put up with this virus, but I don’t really have a choice. But, I think I’ll go take a rest and hopefully have some more energy to do some work for my mom’s bridal alterations web site.

December 2, 2002


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I’m still alive. Busy working. Busy with web work. Busy with holidays. Busy.