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November 20, 2002


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Yesterday was [my mom|Donna Wiggins]’s birthday. We went to the [Rain Forest Cafe] for dinner and had a lot of fun. My food was okay, my mom’s steak looked wonderful, but Rob’s fish didn’t appeal to me (I don’t like fish).

I worked at [JoAnns Fabric] again today and am starting to get the hang of working at the cutting counter. I’m scheduled to work the two days after Thanksgiving, someone shoot me now. I already asked one of the managers if I could have some time next week to get better acquainted with the store. I don’t want to still be asking my coworkers where everything. And I’m sure we will be really busy that weekend (hah, prolly busier than busy).

I’m really happy with the discounts I get at JoAnn’s, now that I know how easy it is to combine them in with the store discounts. Buying anything at full price there is crazy when everything seems to be one sale every other week or so. And, if you sign up for their mailing list, you can get two 50% off one item coupons that come in handy when you are buying 15 yards of homedec fabric. I have so many ideas for things to make. I think I’ll actually send gifts to people this year.

I had a lot of stuff I’ve been wanting to write about, but no time to do it. So, I guess I’ll go back to sorting through my on hand fabric and thinking up a costume to make for [decom] in [New York] this weekend. Not going to consider going if I don’t have an outfit to wear.

Oh, one more thing. I had two calls about jobs today. One was to offer me a temp position for Thursday, Friday, and next Monday. Too bad, I can’t work Friday and I have to work somewhere else Monday. And the second call was from [Walter Art Museum] about a position I applied for a long time ago. They’ll call back to set up a time when the interviewing manager is no longer sick. I may have to give up JoAnn’s during the week in order to work there (pays better). I’d still like to work for JoAnn’s on the weekend though. I guess all I needed to do was get a job (or two) in order for people to show an interest in hiring me.