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November 15, 2002


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Yesterday was a good day. I had an interview at the [Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center]. I think it went well and I am very excited about the position. If I get the job, I would help with the planning of an annual conference for child care workers. What a perfect way to combine my love for child care along with event planning and technical skills. I hope I get it.

I also interviewed at JoAnn’s Fabric store. Mostly for their morning stocker position and every other weekend. They don’t pay much and the employee discount is not all that impressive. But it is less than 5 minutes from my house, a job that I could work while still looking for another one (if this [BCCCRC|Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center] position doesn’t work out). Actually, both are part time positions, so working both might turn out to be a good plan. If I only work 3 days a week at JoAnn’s, then I can still put in 21 hours at the other place AND pick Alex up from school (which matters a great deal to me).

I have my fingers crossed for the first position. Got called back already about JoAnn’s and I start [Monday|November 18, 2002]. Hopefully Alex has school that day. In fact, I better check now. Yes, she has school. But no school on Nov. 22, 27, 28, 29. Maybe my mom could watch Alex one of those days, if she isn’t working at the bridal shop.

I’m babysitting Caleb today. Dean and Amy were left without a babysitter for today and no time available to take off work. It worked out. Plus, it’s fun getting to play with Caleb all day, he’s easy going and fun to play with. Hopefully he will wake up before I have to go pick up Alex from school, or he’ll just have to finish the nap in the car.