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November 8, 2002


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Went to see [Nadine Strossen] of the [ACLU] debate some ex-[FBI] fellar about [civil liberties] last night. Wasn’t really much of a debate though. Neither party seemed to completely disagree with each other. In fact, it was really more a dual monologue that didn’t intersect. Nadine was gung-ho about pointing out how the [Patriot Act] tramples on out civil liberties and the ex-FBI guy was more focused on how certain measures protect your civil liberties. While their view points differed, it didn’t feel like a debate on anything.

No lunch date today, bummer. Sometimes I look for a little extra creativity from [someone|Rob Carlson] when thinking up solutions to certain dilemmas (no lunch money). Of course, I’m pretty guilty of keeping my mouth shut instead of suggesting my original idea: go get Chinese, order one dish, share it, and be out only a few dollars. Heh, maybe [next time|please don’t let there be a next time].