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November 6, 2002


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The elections are over. [Kathleen Kennedy Townsend] Wins!. Oh wait, that was just a mix up at sunspot.net where Kathleen won and everyone dropped out of the race from embarrassment. Everyone seems to be grumbling about [Bob Erlich] being the new governor. I don’t really care one way or the other, they are both lousy choices. In [Wisconsin], [Jim Doyle] won the elections. It was a pretty close race. I was pleased to see the [libertarian] candidate holding 10% for a large portion of the race and the [green party] candidate holding 3%. But the best part about their election is that [Scott McCallum] will no longer be holding the governor title.

No fair. The one day I can’t have breakfast is the morning I have to run Alex to the grocery store. We had to get a bagged lunch for her field trip today, and stopped by the bakery counter for breakfast. Of course, I just got to smell all the wonderful pastries and wish I were eating one. Today I’m going to get some blood work done to possibly sign up for a medical research study. It has some benefits that I could use right now, and if all goes well I’ll talk more about it later (if I can, would they limit you ability to talk publicly about the drug?)