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November 5, 2002


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“I Voted,” says the small sticker, decorated with the American flag, stuck to my sweater. Alex got one too.

I want to get away, take an entire weekend and run away to a small cabin in the woods. Take containers of creamy [potato soup], crusty breads, and fresh fruit and hide for a weekend. Take my journals, books, paints, pens, papers, and running shoes. Take my bike, warm sweater, coat, and gloves. Just slip outside the city, into a cozy room warmed with a small fireplace, and just spend an entire weekend away from everyone, alone. I don’t think I have ever done that, and it’s about time that I give it a try. Now, when and where? In the meantime, I found a cute little B&B that I would love to run off to with Rob and Alex, grab tickets for the railroad and explore the beautiful fall colors. I wonder if they would be interested.

“Tomorrow may be too late. Live today.” What a great fortune!

Alex is listening to the [Dial a Story] storyline. What a great substitute for a bedtime story. Thanks, [hon|Rob Carlson], for the suggestion.