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November 4, 2002


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What I would give for a [Culvers] [chocolate malt] right now. Nothing can make me miss [Wisconsin] more than the desire to have some frozen custard. And then, after stopping at Culvers, I would head over to [Kopp’s] and get the best cheeseburger ever and an order of yummy onion rings. Oh the little joys of life that are now 800 miles away.

Election day is tomorrow. Must decide between [Spear Lancaster], [Kathleen Kennedy Townsend], or [Bob Ehrlich]. Blah. Would be nice to actually have a decent selection to pick from. I don’t think I can justify voting for Townsend or Erlich. I’ll only vote for Lancaster in believing that he won’t get elected but the [Libertarian] platform will get more attention. I just hope Lancaster doesn’t run again for the next elections. But if he does, hopefully he will think ahead about his opinions on [education] issues