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November 2, 2002


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Last week, Alex and I were seated next a small family celebrating their sons 21st birthday. There were only four people, mom, dad, son, and girlfriend and a fairly happy bunch. After the singing and dessert eating was complete, they suddenly fell into a conversation about the thongs. The girlfriend casually mentioned that the son was wearing one right then. That sent them all laughing, and then the mother continued on how she has tried to get her husband in her underwear so many times. It was a great conversation, they were so cheerful and serious at the same time, as though all families go out and talk about men in thongs. There is hope for the normal people of the world.

[Amy]’s party was fun. I didn’t get to wear my formal gown that my mom and I have worked so hard to finish. Unfortunately, we were short one cut of fabric, and none of tee stores we visited carried the right color of velvet. So, I took home my [utility corset] and wrangled myself in it single-handedly. I then slipped my homemade corset over, added a long black skirt, fused my way into my red wig, and was ready to go hours before the party started. Once we got there, it was very quiet and mellow, just as I had suspected. Visited with the people I knew, shied away from those I did, and went home after [Rob|Rob Carlson] has already passed out on the floor (yes, he got up and went with me).

Today∆s plans are pretty simple: do something. Alex is off on a field trip with her [Girl Scout] troop, not due home until 5pm. And I’m awake too early on a Saturday and aching for something to do.

I just found something new [sewing blogs]. How wonderful. Now I get to rummage around in other people’s sewing life. whee.