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August 23, 2002


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Last day to get stuff done before I head out to the burn…. Lets see, my to do list currently looks like:

  • finish the compas guide project
  • pick up forgotten items from [mom|Donna Wiggins]’s house
  • glue stars back onto goggles
  • buy food and water
  • do laundry
  • pick up random supplies from the store
  • pay last minute bills
  • stop by the bank
  • [pack|packing list]

All that needs to be done within the next 22 hours. Hopefully I can do it.

Oh one more:

  • go to the bookstore

I really need some new book title suggestions. I’m gonna be locked ina car for 71 hours round trip, I need something to keep me sane. Do you have anything to suggest? suggest a book

[Achievement Matters: Getting Your Child The Best Education Possible]
[Bullies & Victims: Helping Your Child Through the Schoolyard Battle]
[What to Do When Kids Are Mean to Your Child]
[Mom, They’re Teasing Me: Helping Your Child Solve Social Problems]
[Politics and Change in the Middle East]
[Odd Girls Out: Agression in Girls]
[Forbidden Truth: U.S. - Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy and The Failed Hunt For Bin Laden]
[War Without End: Cultural Conflict and the Struggle for America’s Political Future]