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August 22, 2002


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[Fire spinning] in the rain is amazing. Not just a light dizzle or sprinkling of water, I’m talking about the heavyduty downpour complete with thunderclaps and lightining sparks. [BobbyG] mixed up some new music for the [moot|Milwaukee Pub Moot] so us [fire kids|Milwaukee Fire Group] could get a good drenching while celebrating one of my last pub moot in [Milwaukee|Milwaukee, WI]. It was prolly the most [spirtual] spinning I’ve ever done, I’m still amazed.

Driving through [Estabrook Park], in the rain, I saw a fellar walking in only his boxers (quite wet, I might say) and carrying a neon orange mushroom. You don’t see that everyday, excluding [next week|Burning Man].

Have I mentioned how incredibly excited I am about heading out to the [playa] this year? It is almost impossible for me to get anything done, I’m so stoked. And to think that I leave in less than 48 hours and I’m not ready. So much to do, will I be able to get it done in time? Sure hope so.

I’ve finished all the costumes that I’m bringing. It won’t be all that I planned for, but still more than I hoped for. This is great. Now to get some paid work done for a change… better get away from [fishy] now before it’s too late.

With so many submissions, what makes weblogs.com useful? I guess if your bored, you can just sit and go through the recent entries. There seems to be some pretty good stuff there.