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August 21, 2002


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I had to take [my angel|Alex] to airport today. I woke up, hit the [snooze button] one too many times, and realized that we were not completely packed. That threw me into rush mode, which turns on the “Alex, please hurry up” record. After zipping down [I-43], [I-94], and [I-294] we barely arrived on time. The no-wait no-checked baggage ticket counter got us headed to the terminal in no time. But, we still hadn’t had breakfast and I wasn’t finding anything with something she would like and that didn’t have a long line. Finally, we gave up and headed for the gate. Luckily we found a bagel shop on the way. Alex got a plain bagel with peanut butter, yum. We made it to the gate with less than 10 minutes to spare. My record kept spinning as I urged her to finish eating so we could go get her hands washed before the flight. Right after stole her remaining bagel, bagged it up for later, and stood to go to the washroom, [pre-boarding] for [flight 950] was called. We stepped over to the gate, I was told to give her my goodbyes, and I manage to get a quick hug before she dissapeared through the doorway.

I still feel crummy, like the worst mom ever. She gets to take off on a longish vacation, and the time with me was spent listening to me [nagging] her to hurry up. Blah. I feel like I’ve been on crabby mode lately more often than not. I can recall a couple times in the past few days that I’ve gotten upset over minor things. And now I just sent my angel off without a long hug and kiss and with the morning’s and past days’ tension still hanging over us.

Once I made it back into [Wisconsin] I switched on my new favorite radio station, [Wisconsin Public Radio]. Turns out they are arguing over the [New York Times] decision to publish [same-sex union announcements]. I’m happy to hear about this. It provides the public a more rounded view of the relationships that do take place. Hopefully it will remove some of the social negativity towards [same-sex relationships]. One caller wanted to point out that he thougt it was wrong, and asked what is he going to do when his 7-year-old picks up the paper, finds it, and asks him why two men are in a relationship together. One of the guests just laughed, wondering what the man would do when his son saw a couple walking down the street or living down the road. The caller furthr pointed out that the newspaper is doing a service for the pubic then, by letting them know about the couple so the public can be aware if these people “who just ain’t right” are living near them and to avoid them.

Sometimes I wonder how people can be so closed minded. I meet people all the time who are open to almost anything, it really stuns me to find that there are still a large number of people with extreemly narrow and negative minds. And then to further that, I find organizations like the [Family Research Council], who names seems to imply something positive in regards to family (due to the reasearch aspect), who shares and furthers these closed-minded viewpoints.

Drove past the [Milwaukee Art Museum] for the last time (prolly) before I move. Wings were open and it was beautiful. I’m sure going to miss it.