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August 20, 2002


Filed under: unlisted — suzanne henderson @ 12:00 am

Time is falling through my hand. Too much to do, time moving too fast to do it. I have to be up at [4:20]am tomorrow. Just to leave [Grafton, WI] by 5:00am so I can get [Alex] on a plane departing [Midway Aiport] at 9:00am. Oh joy. My mom called to ask if she was supposed to go with me. No. Then as if I needed her to go with me. No. Basically, she was fishing for the opportunity to get a [free ride] to [Chicago, IL] and spend the afternoon browsing [fabric store]s. Too bad, I have way too much stuff to get done.

My mom and I went to P.F. Chang’s yesterday for lunch. I had [lettuce wraps] and she tried their [almond cashew chicken]. Both were good, but the lettuce wraps were better. We then ordered the choclate cake and [cheesecake] desserts. These were massive amounts of delisousness. We had to bring the leftovers home to Alex, who’s eyes lit up at the mention of the work [chocolate].

[Fishy] has an [index] now. Woohoo for me, or I should say, woohoo for me if [google] ever comes back. Starting to get obsessed with fishy and google, thats not good. I think my [boyfriend|Rob Carlson] is brainwashing me. Who knows what will happen when w live together. I wonder if a [google orgy] is possible. Hah!

Okay, all shaky from lack of food. Better go get something.