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August 14, 2002


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My computer is still broken. I’m still sad about it. Gonna hopefully take it to Derrick who runs [Expert Computer Services] in [Milwaukee, WI]. I sure hope I don’t lose all the information off of it. I’ll be really sad then.

I heard about a new [political strategy] this morning. A lady was saying that African Americans should vote for the [Republican Party] because they need to get the party’s attention. She was arguing to for people to overlook the fact that Republican’s often ignore the needs and interest of the black community and that they should support them anyway. By doing so, the Republican party would suddenly take an interest in African American affairs and listen to them. When other people questioned why they would want to abandon candidates who share their same views on several issues, she just further stated that Republican’s will change their views once they have the black vote. And this coming from the president of the [African-American Coalition for Empowerment] who keeps arguing that she isn’t [Republican], [Democratic], or [Independent] but she thinks blacks should vote for Republican candidates.

I’ll be sure to give take my vote away from candidates who share my views and give it to someone opposed to them in hopes that they will change their mind.