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August 9, 2002


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Two new shoots in my [photo gallery]:

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  • Bus Stop Shoot: We were on the way to [UWM] and she was in a crabby mood because we had to wait another 15 minutes for the bus. So, I figured I would try to get a few pictures and suddenly the little grump transformed into a goofy ham. I love taking pictures of her because she is eager to come up with new poses and faces, and of course, she is the most beautiful girl ever. note: This is prolly the only Alex collection that I will put in my main gallery. Mainly cause I’m paranoid and because I like being able to check the logs to see who logged in to look at the pictures. If your interested in seeing one or all of the 33 private galleries, let me know and I’ll set up an account for you.

Going to [Earthfest] and [Fungus Fest] tomorrow. Then there is the [Sewing Party] on Sunday. It is going to be a busy weekend.