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August 4, 2002


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I woke up with a terrible headache. However, it didn’t stop me from getting out of bed at 7:15am on a Sunday. [Headache|How to stop a headache]s make it difficult to hit snooze too many times because each “beep” stabs right behind my closed eyelids and makes to cringe into my pillow before moving to make it stop.

Church wasn’t so bad. I made sure that we were there on time and that Alex got to go to [Sunday school]. I half listened to the adult lesson and spent the main service doing what I always did in church: drawing. I was a little disappointed in the singing, it had always been the highlight of the service for me and I didn’t enjoy it as much this time. Church did give me the chance to sketch out a good model for building a wire pony with flamethrower that I plan to start on tonight.

My mom bought stuff to throw on the grill when we got home. While tending the fire, I heard someone screaming for help. I rushed to the back of the yard, hoping to be able to see what the problem was, but the brush was too thick. So, I ran inside, grabbed my phone and keys, and told my mom someone is screaming for help and I’m going. I dove to the Seminary next door, and saw a bike lying on its side in the long driveway. My panic kicked up a notch as I hurried forward, stopped the car, and rushed out to find the problem.

The screaming had stopped. A boy and a man were walking back towards the bike. The boy was still very upset and crying. The man, a neighbor, quickly informed me that the boy is lost. The neighbor had come over for the same reason I did. After calming the boy down a little, we were able to get a phone number and called his grandpa to come get him. We were both obviously shaken by the urgency of the screaming. A couple squad cars arrived a couple minutes later. We caught everyone up on the situation as the boy’s grandfather arrived. My mom and Alex came walking up the drive, looking very worried. My mom had called the police shortly after I had run out the door. However, she couldn’t find her keys so they hurried over on foot instead.

We all gave a big sigh of relief that it wasn’t something serious, piled into my car, and headed home. It took a while for the jitters to die off, and once they did, we had a nice lunch.