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August 3, 2002


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I did it! I finally managed to pull links from [fishy] into my journal. This is great! Now I can finally stop wasting time typing out long urls. If there is anything I find important enough to link to, I will have probably entered it into the [database|fishy] already. I’m really proud that I was able to get the links to work. [Rob|Rob Carlson] lost dsl service last night during a [lighting storm] and hasn’t been able to answer my million and one question. But that is okay, after several hours, I managed to figure out how to get my page to pull information from two different databases and parse out my links.

I spent a lot of time [building a wire horse|How to build a wire horse] lately. In fact, Rob even pointed out the number of times I started our phone conversations with “My horse…” But it is exciting to realize that I may have some glimmering touches of an artist hiding inside me. It was originally created as a gift for [Kathleen|Kathleen Ellis], because I thought she would really enjoy the symbolism of it. However, I couldn’t figure out how to add [flamethrowers|ponies with flamethrowers] to it. And then I realized it was going to be very difficult to transport it to the [desert|Burning Man] without damaging. And, truth be told, I fell in love with it and would rather give it to my wonderful boyfriend as a house warming gift.

The wire horse.

I’m not the only one noticing my artistic side. While riding the [park & ride] bus to campus, the driver caught my glance at the flower shop display. “You look like the type that would enjoy arranging those flowers they got in there.” He remarked. My eyes sparkled behind my goggles, and I agreed with me. After two years of riding the bus, it was the first time he’d have ever spoken to me other than the causal greetings. We continued to conversation to include typical bland issues: weather and current events.

The [state fair|Wisconsin State Fair] started. It’s now time to listen to everyone rave about the wonderful [cream puffs]. I haven’t figured out why they are so popular, just a flaky biscuit with too sweet cream slapped in the middle. However, people buy them by the dozens and have them shipped all over. I guess you live for the simple things in life when your from [Wisconsin].