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August 2, 2002


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I can [pee standing up]. I’m impressed. I’ve practiced it in the shower several times now and am confident that I can do so without making a mess. The true test with be my bathroom toliet and then a public restroom. Assuming all goes well, I will be set for the end of the month and won’t have to buy the little personal gadget that promises the same results. Wee.

Two people are confirmed for my [Sewing Party] next weekend. I happy because it is the only two I thought would come and the one’s I’m having the party for anyway. My mom seems to be getting a little excited about it. Too bad she doesn’t have as much fabric on hand. But I realized that I have a ton sitting around my house, so we should have a good grab bag pile along with decorative trims and such. Plus, we’ll run over to the fabric store before we start sewing.

Speaking of my mom, remind me to never mention anything chruch related to her or, god forbid, drop a hint that I may go to church once I move. I’ll never hear the end of this, but at least she sees some glimmer of hope for me now. I can’t decide if that is good or bad though. I’ll decide while I’m in church on Sunday (oh the things I’ll agree to…)

I’m happy. I is settled that Alex will be going to [Oklahoma] for sure (well.. almost for sure, but way more for sure than before). Both Pawpaw and Mawmaw came together to help me out with the logisitics. Now, I just have to stop by and purchase the tickets. Better get moving before it gets too late.

Something is still bothering me about all this technical stuff. Maybe because I feel like I don’t have any control over what I can and can’t do. I really want to work on a project, but everytime I get started I get lost. I suck at web development and all of it is getting pretty close to being too much to put up with. I give myself this weekend to get over ir, otherwise it will come down to “rm *”.