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August 1, 2002


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August already. Damn. I knew this year would fly by. I’m waiting on the chance to incorporate my journals with [Fishy]. [Rob|Rob Carlson] is supposed to help me, but he has been busy with work stuff and I’m sure [girlfriend priority] is pretty low. Not to be said in a bad way, just a realistic one. But once I get it working, I can link away to the [database|Fishy] and hopefully lure in more people.

I think someone is breaking into my car and locking the door. For 4 days, I’ve walked out to my car and found the door lock. This is rather unusual since I never feel the need to lock up my car at home. I don’t live in a [crime infested neighborhood] and I have nothing of value in my car. So why would I want to lock my door? There is the chance that I’m forgetting to leave the door unlocked, but I’m pretty sure that for at least 2 nights, I quickly unlocked it after the natural reaction that flips it locked occured. Maybe I’ll have to sit an wait at the window to see who is doing it.

I also recently decided that I’m burning. Some of my yahoo groups: [burningcorn], [burningsnow], [burningass], [baltwash-burning].

I’m getting more panic-depressed by the minute. It doesn’t make any sense and I can’t figure out what is bothering me. I at least have a clue about what the problem is, unfortunatly, I’m not willing to dicuss it yet. This sucks.