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May 31, 2002


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Life sure kicks into high gear at times. With the semester ending, ranger training, Playa del Fuego, and summer semester starting, I have been busy. Busier than I would like to be.

I took off for the east coast on May 15th with delightful company I picked up in Madison the night before. The drive wasn’t too bad, but definatly starting to get on my nerves. Got to relax around the house and have lunch with someone wonderful.

Friday we headed out to Assateague Island for ranger training. I learned that 11:20 at night with high winds is not the best time to set up a large tent. However, it is a great time to socialize and just chill once you give up on setting up the monster tent. And the entire weekend was filled with wonderful opportunities to hang with new people. And the only bad part, was the evil, pissed-off Ranger Clay.

The following weekend led up to Playa del Fuego. I can’t saying anything more than wow. Every time I try to place words on this event I get swept back into the intoxicatingly delightful moments that are too good to express.

I didn’t make it home on Monday like I had planned. My body was revolting and there was no way I was going to be able to drive. Tuesday, when I was on the road, wasn’t much better. It’s not good when you have to hand-lift your leg to the brake pedal. And I have vowed to not make that drive alone again. It’s just too much.

Now, I’m home. Without internet or phone connections at home. It’s slowly driving me crazy, but that’s life. Soon everything should be back to normal. I finally have a paying job again, and that is a surprise blessing. Alex wil be going to Day Camp this summer and starting a Soccer league pretty soon. She seems pretty happy about that. And well, if she is happy, I’m happy. I’m sure someone noticed that this past week.

May 20, 2002


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I made it to Baltimore alive, again. Made it out to Assateague Island alive, again. All is well, again. All is wonderful, again. Guess there is nothing much I can say about it this time. fiddle faddle.

May 11, 2002


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Yes, it’s almost 8pm on a Saturday night and I in a computer lab again. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at this point. Actually, to find me out on a dance floor on a Saturday night should be a surprise instead. Oh well. At least I’ll be able to get a major project finished or almost finished.

I stopped to get some brain food before heading to EMS. I love East Gardern. Their food is average, their egg rolls are not impressive, and their house tea isn’t the greatest. But then have the nicest owner of any restraunt around. He’s always standing ready to give you a warm welcome, inviting you to sit down and asking how you’ve been. He asks me if school is over soon and I tell him about the last test that I will have next week. He warmly pats me on the back and assures me that I’ll do good. After I’ve finished my meal, he continues his cheerful chatter and hollars “Good Luck” as I headed out the door. What a great reminder of why I love East Garden.

If most of this is spelled wrong, tough. I got things to do and proofing my own writing is not on the agenda.

May 9, 2002


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I just finished making my boyfriend a dress. I feel so proud. Not of the fact that I was able to make a dress in less than 2 hours, but that I can actually say that I made it for my boyfriend. Don’t think there are too many gals that can say that. While I was ironing out the wrinkles, I kept thinking about how much he is going to love it. Now, he might not (probably won’t) wear this out to dinner with me. But I know he wil definately wear it for a special occasion. And it is just another one of the hunderds of reasons that I love him so much. And, in a week, I will get to remind him of that with a long I-missed-you-kiss.

Low rise jeans may look sexy, but they sure don’t feel sexy. Maybe I’ve been so conditioned by waist high pants, that I just can’t get comfortable in pants that feel like their clinging on for dear life. I have issues with thinking I’m exposing my plumbers crack to the world everytime I sit down. And when I stand back up, I feel like I might as well be wearing thigh highs. However, I will agree that I think I look pretty damn good wearing them, and that earns any outfit wear-again credit. But I wish I had never purchased the pants in the first place.

May 4, 2002


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I got to function in full Mom mode today. I took Alex and her best friend Mahum downtown to see a play. As we were walking up the theater steps, I wondered why there were no other families rushing in at the last minute like we were. A quick check of the tickets revealed that Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel would be showing next Saturday. I had to face two very disappointed faces. Quickly, I scrambled for a back-up plan. “What do you want to do?” I asked.

“Go to Chuck E Cheese!” They answered in unison. I shuddered at the thought.

“No. Pick something different.”

“We could go to the park,” Alex answered.

Good girl, she picked up on the hints I had mentioned earlier. So we headed off to the park. Yippee, Mom accomplishment #6,734. And once we got there, I got to revel in the joys of being a mom once again.

After running, jumping, and climbing for hours. Mahum got a minor scrape on her foot and was in dire need of a bandaid. So, I, supermom, swooped over to the trunk of my car and produced the day saving bandage. Yippee, Mom scores again.

But wait. There’s more. It seems the bandage fixed the immediate injury, but the dress shoes Mahum was wearing were starting to hurt her feet. So, we promptly departed the park, flew in and out of her house for new shoes, and were sitting outside of Kopps enjoying some frozen custard in no time. Only to be followed up with another park with new things to climb on. Life is good.

May 1, 2002


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I was attacked by a goose. My daughter was attacked by a goose. A creek runs behind my mom’s house. It is fed by a pond located on the religious property behind a small section of trees. This property is beautiful. Smooth green-grass lawns disapear into the glass reflection of the water. There are no jagged edges surrounding the pond and it looked like it would be perfect for pictures and maybe a project too.

Alex and I wound through the branches to get to the property. I quickly spotted a goose swimming in the water so gracefully that I bent down to get his picture. But by the time I clicked the camera, he was already up out of the water. He immediately started hissing and advancing on us. “What the?” I thought, not used to the local geese population being so bold. And before I could do much of anything, he/she was flying up to my head and trying to bite me. I jumped out of the way and tried knocking the goose back. It then turned its attack on Alex, who started screaming at this point (as six-year-olds will do when being attacked by a goose). That pissed me off, so I went to attack the goose and he just kept fighting back. Finally, we ran back into the woods and left to goose glaring at us with an “I showed them” smirk on his lips.

The only battle wounds were a small abrasion on the back of Alex’s neck and rattled nerves. Can’t believe I just got over-powered and pushed-around by a goose. But! My mom called animal control the next morning; they are sending an officer out sometime today. We’ll show that goose! (note: no, I don’t really see any merit or value in calling AC, but it was funny that my mom felt that it was the perfect move to aid in her quest to get rid of the geese that crowd her property and shit on the sidewalks.)

After the attack, we went home. However, we stopped in Cedarburg to get pictures of Cedar Creek.