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March 27, 2002


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11 hours of sleep really puts me in a cheery mood. Don’t know if I was just exhausted from my trip or if taking a full day’s worth of meds at once really knocked me out. Whatever it was, I didn’t mind. Only woke up once when my phone rang, I will admit that I can’t remember a word of the conversation, but I am sure it was probably enjoyable. Feeling much better this morning, rested and ready to work on a million things at once. Perhaps it was this dream I had. It basically seemed like Moulin Rouge on acid. Sprinkle in odd references to mashed potatoes, costumes, and tomatoes and it is almost a typical dream. The cast consisted mostly of my family members, many of my friends, and the occasional stranger added in for good measure. The costumes were spectacular. My mom even let me have a few of the slutty ones; too bad it was only a dream. I had to hit snooze four times just to finish the dream. But at least it wasn’t one of those mornings where I’m slapping snooze just to get a little more sleep.
Enough chatting on about sleep. Better kick my butt into gear and actually get to class on time since I am awake on time. Must get some designs for the Professional Writing web project online today. Busy. Busy. Busy.