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March 26, 2002


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Brrrr. It is cold. I actually managed to get a writing draft completed on time for a change. After spending my evening using up free minutes, I decided that sleep sounded better than writing (sound familiar?). I set my alarm for an hour earlier so that I could get the paper done before class (sounded like a good plan then). Then morning rolls around, the alarm starts buzzing, and I start wishing that I had gone to bed earlier. I check then time and think, “Why am I getting up so early? I can sleep for another hour before I need to be up.” I fall back into my pillow and head back to dreams. 9 minutes later, “beep beep beep” going off again and I still don’t want to be up. After 30 minutes of alarm-interupted-delay, I finally remember that I have a paper that needs to be finished, shit.
Crawled out of bed, into my shower that I had missed during my vacation. Grabbed my favorite soap, that I had also missed, and slowly woke up. Dried off the best I could and headed out to computer, typical morning routine. It’s amazing how fast ideas come to you when your sitting in a cold living room with wet hair and armed with only a towel. I had that paper finished in no time, and then I dissapeared off to my blankets for another thirty minute nap. Ah, wonderful to have managed to get everything done and still steal a few glimpses of sleep.
But now class has been over for a few hours. Design ideas are not coming to me, but I keep trying. And my tummy is wanting some mac & cheese. My mom wants me to come over for a fitting this evening, so I will prolly grab a munchkin, grab late-lunch/early-dinner, and head over there. Also going with her to an auction tomorrow too, 3 nights in a row, won’t she be happy. Tally up those brownie points for a wonderful weekend up at DR with wonderful company.