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March 25, 2002


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Vacation over.
Resume life.
Work. Work. Work.
It feels as though everything needs done at the same time. Everything needs worked on. Everything needs attention. And I’m still tired. Exhausted, actually. The drive home was shorter, but the frisky slips in the snow made it far more stressful than the drive there. But, I made it home alive.
I seemed to have forgotten to pack my smile. Morning came the same as it always does here, cold and blank. Mumbling that the alarm was going off didn’t prompt you to get up and hit snooze. The warmth of the blanket didn’t bring the same comfort as your arms did the mornings before. I feel like I’m walking around some where I’ve only been to in dreams. Campus doesn’t feel real to me anymore. Milwaukee seems like my cruel imagination keeping me 900 miles away from where I want to be right now.