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March 16, 2002


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CST that is! For anyone who might get a touch confused why I am always running an hour behind for the next week. I made it to Baltimore in one swoop. And what a swoop that was. I left my home about 7:40am and got in town around 10:00pm.
That was a lot of driving. I don’t think that I will ever want to make that trip again. I am dreading the fact that I will have to make that same trip to go back home. But that I might be able to break into smaller chunks while taking a break in the middle to sleep. DOn’t know yet what I will be doing, I will jut have to wait and see.
Having a wonderful time on vacation, enjoying every minute of it. And can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. But I am still recovering from the long drive and a full day spent in Washington DC. So I am going to get some more sleep.