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March 12, 2002


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I was running late this morning (what’s new?) and had to park on campus. After class, I hopped in my car and head for the bus stop. But, a few random ideas snuck into my head before I made it there. I so found my self in the middle of a major detour taking me to the Southside of Milwaukee. Before I knew it, I was browsing in a store. I spent a while there, debating on several different purchases, but unfortunately, logic got the better of me and I passed up on several items.

Having wasted a good hour, lunchtime was upon me and I traveled on to Oscars for a burger and malt. And now it is proven, without a doubt, that Kopps has the best cheeseburgers in Milwaukee and Culvers has the best chocolate malts. Oscars might as well go out of business because it sure wasn’t worth if 5 dollars I spent for lunch.

Since I was on the Southside and far enough West to stop at Mayfair Mall, I figured I would make one last stop. I just so happened to have a 15 dollar gift certificate for a trixie shop. I paused for a few moments to hit the tech section of Barnes & Noble and then ran over to Express. I never realized that it could be so painful to spend 15 dollars. Maybe I simply have no sense of fashion, but most of the clothes looked way too formal and uncomfortable. I finally picked out a couple star necklaces and hurried over to the check out. But, as luck would have it, accessories were not included (read the fine print). Damn. To hell with it, I decided, and headed back to campus and started a game of chance with the parking police.