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March 7, 2002


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It sucks when your apartment neighbor decides to take a shower at 2am. The slumbering, quiet of the building is destroyed by squeaky faucets and gushing pipes. Then, at 2am mind you, your neighbor has the nerve to burst out singing songs from the musical Oliver. All the while, your light slumber is interrupted by the rhythm of the water hitting the tub and the somewhat off-note rendition of “Who will Buy.” After finishing off several songs, many which seemed to be cut off mid-note, the water stops and you think you are going to get to go back to sleep. The faint clink of the shower curtain rings fades off into the night and you drift back into sleep. But wait, it seems that sleep is not an option because your squeaky-clean neighbor has decided to turn on the radio. Due to the noises coming from next door, your neighbor is trying the dance-dry method. You check the clock once more, reminding yourself that it is almost 3am now. You curse the walls and start thinking about when you are going to finally buy that house.
Yeah, that must suck. Good thing I’m the neighbor.