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March 6, 2002


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Chai and Lithium: the perfect beginning to any day. I don’t count the past 4.75 hours to be part of this day. Those groggy moments of morning when I managed to shuffle through a shower and into my clothes was simple an extension of sleep. The time spent getting out the door, down the highway, and onto campus was simply my commute. And this morning’s date with a sharp object and cotton ball was no way to start a day. And the ASL class served as a prelude to Chai and Lithium.

I want to be a dj. This desire has been spinning through my mind for a while now; ever since BobbyG bought some turntables. I am almost ready to go out and buy some vinyl, but I really want to do cd mixes instead. Perhaps I can talk to Elad and see if I can get a mini-lesson (if there is such a thing) and do a little spinning out in Baltimore. I also want to take Bobby up on the poetry mix idea… speaking of which, I need to email him.

I have been unable to get motivated or focused on anything lately. I have some major projects sitting over my head and I still can’t get started. Where are those all nighters in the computer lab? Where are the code-till-you-drop moments? Instead, I have this nagging desire to redo the entire xixstar format. But doing so will require tons of time that I don’t think that I have. And in the meantime, there are overdue papers and a still incomplete ticketing system waiting for me. Argh. Where is my motivation?