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March 2, 2002


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What am I doing going to a Woman’s Leadership Conference? I have never been involved with girl
groups on campus. I don’t play an active or influential role at this university. The closest I’ve come to female activi
sm was when one of the leaders of the college feminists group used to teach part time in my daughter’s classroom.

So why did I give up an entire weekend to hand out at some conference? Guess it just sounded like the thing to do. More s
pecifically, it sounded like the college thing to do. I have spent four semesters at UWM and
still know nothing about the student body. Of course, UWM is a ‘commuter’ campus and student involvement outside of classes
is almost non-existent. Even so, I would hope that after two years here that I would have met a few people and discovered som
e sense of community. So, in some odd attempt to make use of my final year, I am going to start doing college things.

So, I woke up on time, resisted the typical urge to hit snooze a
few times, and started packing. I managed to cram all the necessities into a small, old-fashioned suitcase-this suitcase has
been giving me ideas. It is time either to submit it to a variety of stickers or to paint it. I can’t decide which would add
more character (which already has a lot of). Perhaps I will find a way to do both-but enough of that mental detour.

I have to meet the other conference attendees on campus at 11:30am. We will then get carted up (or is it over) to "http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=River+Falls+Wisconsin">River Falls, register for the conference, and get our room as
signments. I am going to work hard on my social skills and hopefully end up with a few new friends at the end of the weekend.

Until then, I’m going to enjoy my chai and observe the other Fuel customers. This reminds me, I still need to get part two of my quest for chai online.

March 1, 2002


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I did a self portrait photo shoot a few nights ago. Taking pictures of yourself, without a tripod, isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Even with only a few good shots, I am almost inspired enough to ask a certain photographer for a photo shoot, but of course, only after my favorite photographer gets a chance. Here is one image that I liked, I will get a few more online as soon as I get a new site design done.

Sometimes I forget how much fun childhood can be. Yesterday, instead of working on assignments, I spent the evening rolling around on the floor with my daughter. I remembered what it is like to play make believe (I was a horse) and to just be silly. I’m afraid that my downstairs neighbor may have thought a herd of elephants was about to fall through her ceiling, but at least it would have been a happy herd. And I am sure our laughter spilled out into the hallway. I think that all of my school work and projects have been causing me to miss out on some of the finer points of parenting. Yesterday, I got the perfect wake up call.

While goofing off, we decided to plan out our spring vacation. We pulled out a map to trace the route we would drive on the way to Baltimore. We scanned several Family Fun magazines for exciting side-trips. We also worked out what snacks and games we should take along in the car. Alex is excited about the trip and I can’t wait to have a whole week to spend with her (no assignments, no projects, nothing else getting in the way).

Tonight, we had to venture off to the laundry mat. Normally, I cart along my back pack and various asignments that I need to work on. But tonight I brought along a box of crayons and some geometric patterns to color. Alex and I passed the time figuring out what colors to use and which patterns we wanted to make. Our clothes were washed and dried in record time. We didn’t get the pages finished, but we did decide that we should make this part of the laundry routine.