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December 27, 2001


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Being back in Oklahoma is more fun and more stressful than I thought it would be. Hanging with Shanna is wonderful. I miss goofing around with her and I sure wish she would move closer to me. We (me, mike, alexis, shanna, shelby, sarah) explored downtown Oklahoma City. I am surprised at how much it has changed since I moved. There is also a major difference from the cold-nose walking tour of downtown Milwaukee. The building styles were so different, I was glad to have my camera along. I kept catching glimpses of perfect pictures. We headed over the OKC Bombing Memorial. I didn’t think the visit would affect me very much, but once I stood there on the actual grounds, the endless hours of mind-numbing media coverage came flooding back to me. The thoughts of the murdered children and all the families who are missing loved ones was striking. I am still shocked at the impact it had. Despite the emotional fluxuation, the tour was still fun. Once we got home, it was about time for boredom to set in. So, in normal Oklahoma fashion, we started looking for something to drink.