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December 6, 2001


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Meow. Headache again today. Getting tired of them at this point. Maybe if I start getting some sleep for a change that will help. Or get a normal eating pattern established. But that would take work, and of course, I am too lazy to do it. I have some more ideas instead. Have been itching to go out and do the photo tour of Milwaukee Architecture again. This desire hits me every couple of months and I haven’t done it yet. Maybe tomorrow I just take off and drive all over the city looking at the buildings that I love. Maybe I should limit it to just a church tour first and then do interesting buildings another time. That is an idea.

Part of the Baltimore contingent is coming out to Wisconsin for the Winter Solstice Burn and want to show him all the really neat stuff in Milwaukee. Ah, but what if my interests vary too much from his. What if he finds my interests to be totally boring? Maybe I just shouldn’t worry about it. Not like I get to show people Milwaukee all that often and I am just really excited about it. Ah, we could go on a joint photo safari. Hopefully he enjoys the trip. I sure enjoyed mine out to Baltimore.