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December 5, 2001


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Okay, so what am I doing still writing? Well that was all last weekend stuff. Maybe I wanna talk about today a little bit. Maybe I just like the self-important trip I get when writing this stuff. Maybe I like the click of the keyboard. Whatever it is, I am still writing.

I have a fairly new pair of tennis shoes. I think new shoes is almost equal to sex or something similarly splendid. You are able to walk around as if it is a brand new ground beneath you. There is the spring in your step and everything just seems to be perfect. I love it. And then add to that the odd comfort of guy∆s boxer-brief underwear. Now, I won’t go into why I am wearing them, but they are oddly comfortable and I wonder why girls don’t wear things like this. But then again, I would sure hate to give up my collection of g-strings too. But there is this odd comfort of brand new tennis shoes, boxer-briefs, new socks, a well-worn tee shirt, and comfortable jeans. Great for a 65-degree December day. Better get outside and take advantage of it.