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November 12, 2001


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I keep wondering just how long I am going to put off journalizing. I have opened this file at least 20 times since my last entry, but have never saved what I wrote. It is not that I forget to hit save, it is that I simply can’t decide what I want to write next. But I guess that I will have to get over that. School is finally settled down into a good, comfortable pattern. Dropping two classes really helped me get back on top of things. The trip out to Deli-where was not the best idea, but not one to miss either. I will plan better next time (or so that is what I think now).

I finally added the Playa del Fuego pictures and the Burning Corn pictures to the gallery. Took me forever to organize my digi-cam files and get the web files created. I really should look at getting one of those nifty little program tools that will make the thumbnails and make the file sizes smaller, but then what excuse would I claim for not getting it done in a timely manner?

Playa del Fuego was wonderful, amazing, and a million adjectives that I can’t even imagine. But now I am really rethinking what I want in life. The more I get involved with this planning stuff and idea generating, the more I remember how art focused my dreams and goals used to be. Looking back at my old web page I see that attending Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) was my biggest goal for moving to Milwaukee. How quickly I threw that idea out and passed over the Architecture program at UWM and settled for a technical writing degree. But now that I am starting to reopen my eyes up to the artistic possibilities in the world, I am starting to rethink what I want to do with my life. Guess I should start working on a portfolio of some sort and see if I can get into MIAD, which would be a good start. Or maybe, finish my technical writing degree and get a job that pays me enough money to go to MIAD and work on the interior design degree then.

Oh boy, rethinking life can feel so overwhelming and confusing at times. Here I always thought that I knew what I wanted in life and was working to make it happen. Looks like I am heading back to square one, but at least I know enough to continue on one path until I can see the other one take form. Plus, only two more years left in school, no need to make that make any longer by changing my major mid-education. But then again, what good will a major I don’t really want do me? Oh bother-back to the drawing board again. I sure wish I didn’t do this every two years. For once, just making a decision and having it stick for at least 5 years would be nice, why do I have to be so damn wishy-washy? Oh well, guess that makes life interesting.