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September 17, 2001


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What a month it has been. I think everything under the sun has happened during the past few weeks. School has started up again and I am enjoying it so far. I am already behind in my classes, but what’s new? But that really is the least of concerns these past few days.

On Tuesday, September 11 (a day we will all remember), the US finally got attacked. Terrorists ran planes into both towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Wow, that was a major shock. Here I am driving to work wondering if life can get worse (because everything seemed to be going wrong that week) and I turn on the radio just as the second tower was being hit. Not the best was to start a week. Shock kinda just fills the air and I didn’t really know what to think. Then came all sorts of reports about other events taking place and all I could wonder is “what’s next?”

And ya know, I am still wondering what is next. I mean there is all this talk about war and how the US is going to make the terrorists “pay” for their actions. So here we are ready to go and attack Afghanistan because they are hiding the supposed terrorist mastermind. Nevermind how sad people are about all the lives lost in this terrible act of violence. Nevermind how we are all shouting about how that was wrong and how scared it makes us feel. It will all be okay if we go out and bomb this little country with thousands and thousands of innocent families and children who want nothing to do with our country. If we can kill this mastermind, everything will suddenly be better. It doesn’t matter that our actions will take even more lives, they are not Americans. Since they live in that country, they must be supporting terrorist acts against our country. Otherwise they would be in America, right? And here Prez Bush argues that any STATE that defends these terrorist or their acts will become an enemy of the US. So we are now limiting the freedom of thought and speech and opinion of other countries? So many people argue that we can’t let them do this (terrorist act) again. Yeah, well maybe that is what they are thinking about us. Maybe they are tired of our diplomatic measures that kill tons of non-Americans. Maybe they are tired of us sticking our noses into their wars and their disputes. Maybe they do not like our better-than-thou and holier-than-thou attitudes. No, I do not suggest that they have the right to run planes into our buildings, but I do not approve of our president returning the favor with bombs and military action. How is that solving anything?

Yeah, so some people will be happy when we have punished and/or killed the man responsible for this. Maybe that will make them sleep a little better at night. But until the US fixes their foreign policies, this will always be a threat to our country. And even if things improve, it will still be a threat because there will always be groups out there with anti-government and anti-US attitudes that are willing to take drastic actions against this nation. Bombing little countries and killing mostly innocent people will not remove this fear our nation finally realizes. It will not solve the problems, but will simply make them worse. But at least the majority of the people will be glad that “we showed them” just like the terrorist thought before their lives were destroyed. So if it is a small group of people it is an act of terrorism, but it if is an entire nation then it is a strategic maneuver?