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July 30, 2001


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I made it back alive from Burning Corn and I am still trying to figure out what it was all about. And how that less that 48 hours ago I was prancing around corn fields in my silver ball gown and now I am back in the prison of chalkboards. And someone should tell this guy that letters are for constructing words, discovering meaning, expression emotions, and portraying confusion. Letters are NOT for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

But anyways, back to Burning Corn. I had a wonderful time, no that is an understatement. Maybe I should try using number to express how great it was. I didn’t see much of Ohio though; it was dark on the way in and I slept on the way out. The location was great, paths webbing through the fields and winding back to different areas. Bleu and I volunteered to be greeters (how can you not when the guy asking is wearing a watermelon outfit and has the cutest butt cheeks you have ever seen?). Watching the locals drive by was fun and we even got one lost soul to venture into the insane world of Burning Corn and Stupidfest. I am now officially addicted to greeting and I plan to go it at all the other burning events that I go to.

July 18, 2001


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Some days I wake up and go through the day thinking that I am pretty smart. It is a wonderful feeling and it makes me stand up a little straighter and walk a little bolder. And then I enter the EMS building, saunter into classroom 120, and all of that is destroyed by a man and his chalkboard. The teacher hands out lasts weeks test and I cringe to see my score. I though I did good but I was wrong. Judging by all of the red marks I was wrong about many things.

So I sit here, lost without my typical self-confidence and wonder if I will have to take this class again. I feel like the gloomy weather outside, viewed through the narrow windows of life. Just the gray of an unformed storm, the fog lacking its usual mystical properties. And so I sit here among the chalk dust and the jumbled English of my teacher and sulk.

July 13, 2001


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It is time to contemplate all of the great questions in life. The big ones you know, like: “Should I move my car to avoid a parking ticket or should I take my math test on time?” “Do I have lunch with a friend or do I make up hours at work?” And there is always the greatest question of all: “Where should I go for lunch?” I have concluded that math wins over the parking ticket, lunch with a friend beats a date with the computer screen, and what to have for lunch will always be an unsolvable mystery.

All this thinking brings me to this ideal summer I have created. I have finally escaped the emotional confines of a relationship, escaped the clutches of corporate American, and embraced life. […Incomplete due to taking off to have some fun…]