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name: karen suzanne henderson
location: Burtonsville, Maryland
email: ksuzanne@xixstar.com
aim: xixiatrix

I am a mom, student, partner, friend, burner, lover, artist, writer, quaker, cook, volunteer, critic, athlete, and a million other things. I love to write when the mood strikes me, other times I fill space with words and hope that it sounds okay. I run on too little time, too little sleep, and don’t have time to spell check and proofread every post. I understand that it might make me look stupid or uneducated, but I’ll live with that. Until I’m rich enough to hire a copyeditor to deal with tiny posts, the world will survive on my poor spelling skills.

Life has been an adventurous ride. Of all the states I’ve lived in and visited, I’d give anything to live in Wisconsin again. I have hopes that I’ll make it back there someday. The east coast and I don’t quite get along. My pace is much too slow for their mad rushing through life. But, people continue to hold me here as I build more ties and relationships. Perhaps this is where I’ll stay.

I’ve a passion for the just and righteous things in the world. I prefer to support nobel causes and question what is presented to me as fact. I try to live simply and currently, a full-time college student and single mother, I’m making a damn fine show of it since we’re surviving on financial aid alone. I hope to get out of school and find work in a local non-profit pursuing the interests of education and children.

Links of some relevance: Playa del Fuego, Burning Man, Adelphi Monthly Meeting, University of Maryland, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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